BMW Streetguard 3 Women’s Motorcycle Suit For All Seasons

BMW-Streetguard 3 Womens Suit MOTORESS
BMW MOTORRAD Streetguard 3 Riding Suit

If you’re like most motorcycle riders you probably own a lot of motorcycle gear! Riding jackets for spring, lighter types for summer and multi-layered textiles for diverse climates; perhaps a rain suit or two. Preparing for a long or short ride usually requires numerous gear items. But what would you think of owning just one suit which would perform and be comfortable for all seasons? The Women’s BMW Streetguard 3 suit is the one- all seasons, all in one!

For the past two years I’ve had the chance to test the women’s BMW Streetguard 3 through the most diverse climate environments one could imagine possible within a 24 hour period. From Canada’s Rocky Mountain high roads around Banff, Alberta where in July, are still lined with snow with chilling temps- to the lowlands of typical summer warmth and hot sun. Similar to riding through the Austrian Alps where base temperatures were warm but as you rode to higher altitudes sank to damp chilling degree’s! The real test was when I rode from Amsterdam The Netherlands straight to Munchen Germany, a thirteen hour journey where for three hours solid, it poured rain. The suit and I were pelted by the downpour as I kept an average cruising pace of 170k/ph on the reputed German autobahns. Happily I not only arrived safe but entirely dry! And the best part was the fact that all l I needed to pack in my luggage was just one suit.

Bmw Streetguard 3 Womens Moto Gear
BMW MOTORRAD Streetguard 3 Riding Suit

The BMW Streetguard 2 suit was first introduced for 2006. It was the successor to BMW’s Tourguard Jacket and Streetguard pant. The BMW Streetguard 3 suit was introduced in 2009 and incorporates yet more sophisticated technology; equipped and incorporating latest safety and comfort features. The characteristics of the BMW Streetguard 3 and seeing it demonstrated for real that makes one realise BMW Motorrad is well ahead of the climate control gear game!

Coldblack Technology

The first feature which astonished me, especially as my preferred colour in motorcycle gear is black, is the suit’s so-called Coldblack technology. This causes 80 percent of sunlight to be reflected off the black surfaces, meaning that even in bright sunshine the suit remains cool longer resulting in increased comfort! Plus your body is effectively protected from heat and UV radiation. It’s achieved by way of their “Black Keproshield™ and Dynatec™” outer materials capturing the technology.

Durable and Tough

Additionally this external material Keproshield™ made for BMW Motorrad by Schoeller® -high-strength composite fabric with Kevlar; combines this new protective fabric developed exclusively with cotton and polyamide elements resulting in increased durability and toughness. The 3 version outperforms its predecessor by around 20% namely in the key areas of abrasion, tear, impact, and frictional heat resistance.

A Living, Breathing, Wind/Water-Proof Science

This outer material is directly bonded to an inner water- and wind-proof “c_change™” membrane – resulting again in the suit being fully waterproof. The inspiration for this technology is mimicked from the principle of a pine cone, whose scales open and close in response to heat and cold. The “c_change™” membrane “breathes” in the summer and insulates in cold weather. This makes the membrane very breathable, while its air-permeability enables it to adapt to the external temperature and the body temperature of the wearer. This guarantees the perfect body temperature whatever the weather. In addition, the membrane also offers an elasticity that enables a fully elastic outer shell to be constructed, ensuring even more comfort for the wearer.


The jacket has a single special zipper to the front (riri® storm) that keeps out wind, water and UV radiation effectively without resorting to the need of a multi layer construction used by other companies. Its water-resistant special zippers (riri®AQUAzip) can also be found on the outside pockets.

No need for a neck warmer or scarf – the jacket has a detachable storm collar with soft leather inside and rim which is silky soft against the skin! There’s no abrasive feeling to the neck which is often the case with jacket collars. This is definitely one of my personal favourite features!

The sleeves fastened firmly for a water-proof transition to the gloves. The soft Lycra combo internal wrist cuff totally transitions gloves to sleeve and again is comfort soft! If riding conditions are particularly frosty, the removable, high-quality 3M Thinsulate lining provides optimum insulation. With a zipper attached high waistband lined with fleece ensuring draft free and cosy insulation. There is a soft-shell material in pockets and inside of cuffs again, adding comfort. This suit appears rough on the outside by way of its techno material, yet it’s a true soft comfort wear against the skin! And the pants connect to the jacket with a zip in two lengths!

The radiation-resistant, waterproof mobile phone pocket, and two waterproof inner pockets in the jacket again signifies further smart technology!

Armour and Safety Qualities

The suit comes complete with the removable NP protectors for back, shoulders, elbows, hips and knees protectors which are adjustable to three height positions. These provide optimum shock-absorbing properties. There is also an optional coccyx protector which can be fitted upon request.

To ensure that the rider is highly visible at all times, reflective fabric has been incorporated on the front, back and on the sides of the trouser legs.

BMW Women’s Streetguard 3
BMW MOTORRAD Streetguard 3 Riding Suit

Sizing and Colours

The BMW Motorrad Streetguard 3 Riding Suit suit is available in black or in a Black/Grey/Orange combo. The pants are available in Black only.
The jacket and pants are sold separately.

There are numerous size options to ensure great fit! Sizes ranging from Regular: 36-46 (Euro) / 4–16 (USA); Petite: 18-22 (Euro) / 6P-14P (USA); Long: 72-88 (Euro) / 6L-14L (USA).


Another smart feature of the Streetguard 3 suit is the fact that the BMW logo or branding is not printed or highlighted anywhere on the suit. This means you can wear it while riding your Harley-Davidson or Ducati and blend into your motorcycle brand lifestyle unnoticed! There is a small BMW metal logo accent just below the waist of the pant for those who do wish to acknowledge the BMW high-end status.

PRICE: The BMW Streetguard 3 is without a doubt an investment. When weighed out, it’s the only piece of gear you’ll need. The MSRP for the jacket is CAD$1,021.50 and for the pants CAD$799.50 – as the saying goes, you get [much more] what you pay for.

For two seasons and thousands of kilometres wearing the BMW Women’s Streetguard 3 suit, I can assuredly state that I’ve tested it under all conditions-except happily, in a crash though certainly its built to protect. It’s incredibly comfortable to wear (you could sleep in it!) The technology is incredible and as far as I’m aware- some of the most advanced available on the market for the street rider. Inside and out, for all seasons, it’s a performer and will stand up to the test of time -making this a great investment!

My Suggested Improvements…

Outside of a bit of dampness in the outer jacket pockets after the three hour pelting rain session on the autobahn, the only suggestion I have is that of a style adjustment. Personally I’d prefer a more tailored ‘line’ to the jacket; a slightly more narrow female fit. This would be best in the waist area. I felt rather boyish – “boxy” shaped which may also be due to the stiffness of fabric technology. Though I have no issue with this state of the art material, I do think the addition of an adjuster strap on the outside of the jacket’s waist area might bring the waist in just that little bit to enhance the look.

Sincere thanks BMW Motorrad Canada as while I was in Europe riding for four weeks straight, I was able to travel with an incredible sense of safety. I was perfectly comfortable, totally dry when in the rain – cool when in high temps and warm in colder. Indeed I had much more room in my panniers for – hair styling appliances and oodles of Salzburg’s “Mozartbonbon”!

MOTORESS director, Vicki Gray is a basic and advanced motorcycle instructor – certified for over 25 years. She is a motorcycle licensing examiner and has instructed, examined and licensed riders for European and North American road racing schools.


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