Woman Motorcycle Rider Glove REVIT Kelvin Review

REVIT Kelvin H20 Review

A serious rider knows the importance of good riding gloves. Important motorcycle controls are operated by your hands so comfortable effective gloves will certainly make the difference to proficient motorcycle operation – and going the distance! The REVIT Kelvin Glove is a performer you’ll love.

REV’IT! have won numerous awards for their designs in motorcycle gear and the Kelvin H20 certainly appears to be an award winner! My review of the REV’IT! Kelvin H20 women’s glove concludes to a most excellent high quality winter glove ideal for the all season woman rider! It is certainly the most effective cold weather/winter riding glove I’ve tried. The folks at REV’IT! have not made any sacrifices of safety or materials in constructing this all round perfect winter riding glove!

You’ll see immediately this glove was designed with all safety expectations met – but still looks stylish! The stitching on the Kelvin is absolutely incredible blending in all material components seamlessly. The outer shell is a combination of cow leather, goatskin, leather suede and Pampas Cowhide (Pampas Grasslands in Argentina) and PU Coated (what is PU Coating? Polyurethane coatings provide a thin film, high gloss finish with exceptional weathering performance characteristics. This coating is used in virtually all industrial markets to provide a smooth durable finish that has superior resistance to corrosion, abrasion, and chemical exposure). The fingers and knuckles have been given added protection of a polyurethane-injected padded material – also added to the palms and back of the wrist. All the areas in case of a mishap are covered!

REVIT Kelvin H20 Review

Double stitching is used throughout the glove and with the combination of leathers and a reflective strip lengthwise down the backhand of each glove; the glove looks very posh and built strong to last. Suppleness is aided with the use of a specially sewn in wider leather area at the base of the top of each finger. The palms possess an abrasion-resistant material, an extra goatskin layer in the high-wear areas, and extra padding in the Scaphoid bone and wrist bone areas.

REVIT Kelvin H20 Review

And even with this level of protection, the glove allows for flexibility and ease of movement. Often winter gloves are too bulky making it difficult to flex hand/fingers. Not so with the Kelvin H20!

The inside tri-fleece lining of the Kelvin is silky soft! It’s made of polyester tricot fabric and brushed to provide extra warmth without adding bulk. It’s further combined with another innovative material known as Hydratex -Z-liner membrane which gives this glove its water barrier abilities. This is a waterproof layer laminated onto a carrier which in turn protects the membrane against wear and tear damage. Furthermore the seams of the membrane are taped to ensure waterproofing. The interior of the glove is essentially windproof – no air will get inside if you snug them up properly.
All this and you’ll still have good feel and sense for operating your levers.

REV’IT! have also incorporated the fascinating Schoeller Phase Change Material (PCM)technology to the glove. This technology stores heat using that your hands remain warm throughout your journey. It aims at keeping your hands at a constant comfortable temperature. NOTE: You’ll enjoy this technology even more if you warm up the gloves before you put them on so they have a ready store of warmth!

REV’IT! claim the lining wicks moisture away to prevent hands from getting damp – unfortunately not in all cases did this work for me. Once my hands warmed up and started to perspire, especially on long rides, the lining became damp inside. When removing the glove and then trying to get it back on again with the lining dampened, it was incredibly sticky which resulted in a truly frustrating struggle. It took quite some effort to wiggle my hand/fingers back in to proper fitting position. How to fix this? Try to dry the glove out (washroom hand blow-dryer?) before trying to get it on.

The gauntlet style length provides maximum protection. Plus I found I could wear this outside my jacket cuffs or inside. The wrist closure strap is fastened with Velcro fed through a metal ring – hook and loop closure. Further at the end of the glove there is also an adjustable flap which can be tightened with Velcro. The glove stays on and in place which is absolutely what you want in a riding glove – stays in place in case of mishap. Plus it goes without saying how well this functionality keeps the wind out and from blowing up a jacket sleeve.

REVIT Kelvin H20 Review

Regarding sizing, REV’IT! have good options and fit for women’s hands. It’s available in sizes Small up to XLarge. They’re what I consider to be European sizing which means they run smaller than the standard American sizing. Personally, I’ve always worn one size larger in a REV’IT! glove which I suggest the same when ordering for yourself.

Overall, the Kelvin H20 is warm, protection, flexible, and keeps your hands dry from the rain. It is truly a comfortable glove outside of the challenges of getting it on.
It is probably the most comfortable winter and waterproof glove on the motorcycle apparel market!

Suggested retail price is USD 149.00; EU 109,00

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