Wireless Heated Soft Shell Jacket for Women Riders

Heated Soft Shell Jacket Motoress

We’re singing praise at MOTORESS for the new +Venture heated soft shell jacket – it’s wireless! No cables, no connectors! And it is so super stylish you’ll look fab wearing it alone and under your moto- jacket. One warning, it is so cosy you’ll not want to take it off!

A blend of perfect comfort and style with the amazing feature of warmth throughout, a result of +Venture’s heated soft shell jacket hair-thin micro-fibre heating elements. There are two heaters in the chest area and two heaters on the back in the lumbar area targeting the core of the upper body. When know when the core is warm so are the extremities!

These micro-alloy fibres in the heated soft shell jacket supply a warming sensation throughout your entire upper body without the hassles of bulky insulated layers. It will provide over five hours of cosiness when using the low setting.

A tailored cut featuring clean lines and smooth curves completes the jacket’s modern look. The cuffs are made from comfy soft fleece material seamlessly extending from the sleeve of the jacket. This adds so much comfort around the wrist area and closes the gap between your motorcycle glove and jacket preventing any air flow up your arm. The inside of the collar is lined with the same fleece, again bringing soft comfort to your skin and neck.

Heated Soft Shell Jacket Motoress
Heated Soft Shell Jacket

The best part by far is there’s no wire to plug into your motorcycle battery! It’s entirely wireless which gives you worry free mobility. It runs on a portable ‘eco friendly’ rechargeable lithium ion battery which fits into its own interior pocket at the inside bottom left of the jackets lining. Sure, it’s a little noticeable but far less than your Smartphone.

To activate the warming you simply press and hold the little Venture logo just about your heart for a few seconds. Once activated the LED lighting in the logo glows. Red indicates the highest setting 51.6 C or 125 F; amber for medium (43.3 C or 110 F) and green for low ( 37.8 C or 100 F).

Heatd SoftShell Jacket
Heated Soft Shell Jacket

This built-in temperature controller allows you to adjust the heat to your exact needs any time you want just by pushing the button logo! You’ll get up to five hours of heat on the lowest setting and on average 1.5 hours on the high setting.

This jacket is built from insulated durable and stretchable shell material with a wind-blocking layer and water-resistant exterior. It can answer the versatility demands of motorcycle riders, snowmobiles etc.

With sophisticated IC design and UL certification along with extensive product testing, the +Venture soft shell garment has gone through the most rigorous standards to ensure your complete safety. You will feel so comfortable wearing this jacket; you’ll not want to take it off!
You’ll wear it everywhere even when you’re not looking for a boost of heat.


  • Available in black
  • Lining is black mesh
  • Exterior is 100% Polyester
  • Weather proof outer shell
  • Wind blocking membrane
  • This jacket is tailored to have a slightly slimmer fit and is suitable for a mid layer.
  • Hand washable in cold water – hang to dry.
  • Available in sizes XS to Large
  • The warranty period for is 12 Months, Batteries – 6 Months

1 Jacket
1 Lithium Ion Battery
1 Battery charger

Purchase on the Venture Website!

MOTORESS TIP: Buy a spare Lithium Ion Battery unit to extend the hours and as back up. If you’re on a long ride and drain the battery, just pop in the spare already charged unit and keep the warm feeling going!


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