REVIT Raven Ladies Gloves Motorcycle Race Style

REVIT Ladies Raven GloveThe REVIT Raven ladies gloves sport or “race-style” designed specifically for women motorcycle riders, is pure evidence of the Dutch motorcycle gear manufacturer combining rider experience and science in one! Styled in either black and white or red and white; this glove is stunning. But more importantly the REVIT women’s motorcycle glove combines performance and protection from the base up.

A slim pliable soft fit that’s supple enough for broadest range movement of the hand. This is a key benefit for women riders – on average, our hands are not terribly strong (until after a few years of motorcycling!). Women desire and need the ability to flex and move our fingers/hands with minimal resistance such is the case with the Raven.
REVIT Ladies Raven Glove

Features in this glove such as the widened finger tip end ensure fingertips are not pinched. This is done by using an extra layer of width preventing finger tips from going to a point. The result is better circulation, something the average woman needs especially in colder weather.

Polyurethane, referred to as PU (the choice for abrasion protection in mouldings) is injected into the finger knuckles; it’s not visible on the outside! Further there’s a TPU (Thermoplastic-Polyurethane resistant to oil, grease and abrasion) hard-shell little finger protector and a Dual-composition palm slider.

A new palm slider made of durable and high abrasion resistant compound. The palm slider makes prevents the glove from grabbing the pavement in the case of a mishap and your hands coming in contact with the ground.

REVIT Ladies Raven Glove

The EVA Foam (Ethylene vinyl acetate) well known for its softness and flexibility at thumb and palm, offering extra protection and combined comfort. It’s also known as expanded rubber and is used as a shock absorber in REV’IT!’s products.

Then there’s the addition of PWR Yarn a 100% nylon thread with a unique bonding resulting in excellent durability, and strength – the ultimate abrasion resistance. It comes from a 3-wired yarn with a 4th wire spun into it. The fourth wire is heated to bond with the other three threads so it will never unravel or split open. Seams using PWR yarn (taken from MotoGP influence) hold together even under the most extreme stress and are used in the Raven’s outer seams.

The inclusion of Schoeller®-Keprotec®, a high tech fabric which is extremely rub and tear resistant, on the palms – where stitching is positioned on the outside of the glove, giving these gloves the ultimate sensitivity every racer or rider demands.

The lining has combined Aramid or Armide in French fibres (Aramid – a class of heat-resistant and strong synthetic fibres) and a tri-fleece liner.

You can adjust the strap at wrist necessary to ensure your glove will not come off in the case of a mishap and a further adjustment tab at the cuff. This is terrific to keep wind out and provide seamless protection from jacket to glove.

Though not waterproof, it is the perfect warm weather glove or sport style glove (not a race glove). It’s especially designed to keep your hands cool with ventilation perforations alongside fingers, backhand and cuff.

My personal favourite feature outside of all the above mentioned is the stretch ribs at base of fingers and on the backhand near wrist. Great thinking REV’IT!

The glove sizing is slim fit for women and is available from Small on up to X-Large. I take a size large as I find they run small and I do have large hands. The area between palm and thumb could do with a bit more give, however after a few hours of wearing, it will stretch somewhat giving an improved fit.

Of course the white leather is gorgeous but shows up dirt. It does come clean easily with a damp cloth and gentle soap.

REVIT Ladies Raven GloveOnly gloves designed specifically for motorcycling will get you the best results though even then, quality is not easily found. There are many manufacturers producing below average goods. It’s best not to skimp on a good pair of motorcycle gloves- they will last you a few years and be worth every hour of riding!

The REV’IT! Women’s Raven Glove with all this protection and comfort retails at just USD 149.99

Find your REV’IT! retailer and ask for product #FGS069

Colour: Black/White or Red/White.

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