REV’IT! Women’s Chevron 2 Motorcycle Gloves

All my motorcycle gloves are REV’IT! They have a wide line to select from and the REV’IT! Women’s Chevron 2 Motorcycle Gloves offers the usual high-standard of comfort, protection and style I’ve grown to expect. This is a glove that’s designed for warmer weather riding and is slotted to the Sportbike rider. However, its sporty features are as I see personal and can certainly be carried over to a multiple of riding styles – scooter, cruiser and touring.

REV'IT! Women's Chevron 2 Motorcycle Gloves - MOTORESS
REV’IT! Women’s Chevron 2 Motorcycle Gloves

There’s a complete combination of protective elements which indeed put this glove at the high-end of rider protection. Added safety’s’ incorporated into the REV’IT! Women’s Chevron 2 Motorcycle Gloves at the areas of greatest crash vulnerability. Its Carbon hard-shell knuckles, characteristic of sporty riding style, and super strong seams offer impact safety to the gloves. If you value your hands and their functionality, any rider benefits from this feature. We know the top of our hands are vulnerable to objects as well as in the case of mishap. Alongside the carbon is a fully perforated leather upper / topside for maximum airflow and cooling for warm weather rides.

REV'IT! Women's Chevron 2 Motorcycle Gloves - MOTORESS
REV’IT! Women’s Chevron 2 Motorcycle Gloves

REV’IT! Women’s Chevron 2 Motorcycle Gloves are made with a balanced combination of goatskin and cowhide. This material choice allows for presumably more nimble women’s hands to move freely. The glove is also equipped with a SEESOFT covered with SuperFabric palm and with PWR shield to add abrasion resistance in this area. The use of elastic and stretch tabs enables the glove to follow the shape of the hand, while exterior stitching keeps the inside comfortable and seam free. Thanks to fully perforated panels at fingers and cuffs the REV’IT! Women’s Chevron 2 Motorcycle Gloves.

REV'IT! Women's Chevron 2 Motorcycle Gloves - MOTORESS
REV’IT! Women’s Chevron 2 Motorcycle Gloves

Features REV’IT! Women’s Chevron 2 Motorcycle Gloves

  • Outer Shell: Perforated Goatskin, Goatskin Drum Dyed, Goatskin, Cow Leather, Synthetic PU Leather
  • Lining: Tri-fleece liner
  • Composition: 72% Leather, 17% Polyurethane, 11% Polyester
  • Lining: 100% polyester
  • Protection: Carbon Hard-shell Knuckle, TPU Hard Shell Palm Slider, EVA Foam, PWR Shield Knit, PWR Yarn

Ergonomic Features

  • Fit: Race fit
  • Adjustability: Adjustment tab at wrist
  • Ventilation: Ventilation panels at fingers backhand and thumb
  • Features: Stretch lips at fingers and wrist, elastic at wrist, short cuff length
  • REV’IT! Gloves Chevron 2 Ladies

Sizes XS-XL

Personal Favourite Features

  • Comfort and great fit when positioned around the throttle.
  • Excellent airflow with perforation over top of wrist.
  • Flexible
  • Style –looks great!

Not So Favourite Feature

Slippery at first use. Somewhat like your tires at the beginning of the ride, these gloves are slippery on the controls. The supple leather is soft and smooth and until my hands warm up on the grips and levers, there’s a slip to the grip. At some points I rubbed my hands and fingertip areas on the pavement to roughen up the leather. This all changes after you start riding.


REV’IT! is European (proudly Dutch) and with that fits well but runs small. As I’ve underlined in the past, buy a size larger than you’d normally opt for. I always buy Large but then again, I don’t have small hands.

REV'IT! Women's Chevron 2 Motorcycle Gloves - MOTORESS
Colours Black or Black and White REV’IT! Women’s Chevron 2

Colours: Black or Black and White
Price:  USD80.00 – 120.00
Visit REV’IT! to find a retailer near you.

How to Care for Your Motorcycle Gloves

Clean the gloves by hand using a damp cloth and do not use hot water. Remove difficult stains by using neutral soap or a special leather or textile cleaner. Store your gloves in a dry and well ventilated place. Make sure that your gloves are completely dry before you store them. If you store your gloves wet or in a non-breathable area this may cause deformations and damage to your gloves. Inspect your gloves periodically on material wear and tear as well as for damaged stitching. If fault is detected in your gloves, replace them.

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