SCHUBERTH R2 Full Face Motorcycle Helmet

SCHUBERTH R2 Full Face Motorcycle Helmet - MOTORESS
SCHUBERTH R2 Full Face Motorcycle Helmet

Pure and simple, contemporary, multi-functional – SCHUBERTH has reinvented the classic full-face helmet with the R2.  The R2 is suitable for every head and every bike.  The launch of the helmet is accompanied by the R2ME2 on-line competition, where there are five dream motorcycle tours to be won.

Whether you ride a naked bike, roadster or sports tourer, the new SCHUBERTH R2 full face motorcycle helmet is the perfect for the motorcycle community: classic full-face helmet sporting a modern design and featuring the latest SCHUBERTH technology. A helmet that offers greatest safety and style, is suitable for any motorcycle and riding style and is so light and comfortable, you hardly notice you’re wearing it.

Standard Bluetooth and Radio Communication

Something else that’s not immediately clear, but is good to know: the R2 is pre-equipped for Bluetooth and radio communication as standard.

  • Features an integral antenna,
  • Two pre-installed loudspeakers,
  • A boom less mic and
  • Slot for the optional SC1 communication system developed in collaboration with SENA.

The new SCHUBERTH R2 full-face helmet not only looks cool, it was developed in SCHUBERTH’s Air and Acoustics Lab. This predestines it for use where perfect aerodynamics play an even more important role than on other machines. Another feature of the R2 is its large factory-fitted anti-fog visor. Its upper edge remains outside the field of vision even when adopting a tucked riding position.

The R2 is available now in the sizes XS (53) to XXL (63) – in the classic solid colours black, white and anthracite for USD479 and the attractive NEMESIS, ENFORCER and RENEGADE graphics for USD569.

Included is the SCHUBERTH five-year no-nonsense guarantee.

SCHUBERTH R2 Full Face Motorcycle Helmet - MOTORESS
SCHUBERTH R2 Full Face Motorcycle Helmet

Features of the SCHUBERTH R2 full-face helmet

Like all of SCHUBERTH’s helmets, the SCHUBERTH R2 full-face helmet has undergone intensive testing in the wind tunnel making it one of the quietest and best ventilated helmets on the market. The R2 features air inlets in the forehead and chin area and a multi-channel ventilation system that ensure a cool head and clear view. The large factory-fitted anti-fog visor provides for an unimpeded view when stationary or riding slowly.

The SCHUBERTH R2 full-face helmet uses two different sizes of shell according to head size to ensure a perfect fit. The shells are made from a special glass-fiber reinforced thermosetting polymer matrix, which is manufactured using a process developed by SCHUBERTH called DFP (Direct Fiber Processing). A continuous glass fiber is cut into pieces by a robot and blown into a mould. The glass fibers are mixed with a precisely controlled measure of resin and cured under high pressure and heat to form an unusually rigid helmet shell. This production process makes it possible to achieve a low weight and optimal dimensional stability. The result is that the SCHUBERTH R2 weighs just 1,475 grams making it among the lightest in its class. The liner of the R2 is constructed using various EPSs of different densities that ensure an ideal fit, maximum comfort and optimal impact absorption characteristics. This combination of features means the R2 offers maximum impact absorption and optimal safety performance despite its low weight and compact form.

SCHUBERTH R2 Full Face Helmet Weighs Just 1,475 grams

Other safety features of the R2 include its closure, night-time visibility and emergency cheek pads. The R2 is fitted with a race-proven double-D chin strap that makes it easy to precisely adjust the length of the chin strap. Reflective areas on the helmet increase visibility in the dark. The cheek pads can be removed with one hand in order to facilitate helmet removal by emergency personnel.

Excellent Fit

The R2’s ShinyTex® liner provides for an excellent fit ensuring that the helmet sits securely. The liner is also Öko-Tex 100 certified, removable, washable and quick drying. Its anti-bacterial and odor-reducing properties and one-piece crown liner make it especially pleasant and comfortable to wear.

In addition to the factory-fitted clear visor, there’s also a Dark Smoke (80% tint) visor available for the SCHUBERTH R2 for $89.
Naturally, both are scratch-proof and distortion-free

More information can be found on the SCHUBERTH R2 website.

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About SCHUBERTH: Helmet manufacturers SCHUBERTH based in Magdeburg, Germany. They have designed and manufacturED high-end head protection systems since the early 1950s. With its wide range of innovative products, the company is a world leader in motorcycle and motorsports helmets as well as in protective helmets for industrial, fire service, police and military use. For more information please visit SCHUBERTH


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