Schuberth S2 Helmet Review -Sport Tourer for the Woman Rider

German helmet manufacturer, Schuberth added a full face version to their helmet line-up called the Schuberth S2. This design is intended for the sport touring rider and here is our full  Schuberth S2 Helmet review

Schuberth S2 Helmet Review - MOTORESS
Schuberth S2 Helmet Review

Reducing Drag Preventing Air Flow Under the Helmet Equals Silence

You’ll notice right away its special shape featuring a “rear-spoiler” moulded into the shell- this reduces drag. There’s also a “trim spoiler” running full circumference around the base of the helmet; also reducing drag keeping the air from flowing under the helmet and creating noise. This model is produced using 2 shell sizes offering optimal fit throughout the size range, and is much more compact and aerodynamic than its predecessor, the S1, which was discontinued in 2006.

The extraordinarily light and quiet Schuberth S2 incorporated many of the great features from their Schuberth C3W model (read here). The integrated flip-down internal sun visor, patented anti-roll-off system, “turbulators” on the “Fog free Pinlock Dual-lens system -equipped face shield to smooth airflow, micro-lock chinstrap clasp and anti-microbial Thermo-Cool comfort liner are some of the helmets characteristics.

Unique to the Schuberth S2 model however, is that it houses the world’s first built-in dual antenna for FM and Bluetooth reception. This was built to work with Schuberth’s SRC communication system from the Scala Rider experts.

Turbulators for Silence – On the top of the face shield you’ll notice their patented ‘turbolators’ which optimise the aero acoustic properties while riding. These prevent the acoustic disturbances in the form of whistling sounds created by smooth and straight edges. With Schuberth’s further wind tunnel testing the S2 boasts a recorded claim of just 85 decibels at 62 mph – and this is very good.
The S2 is silent; this is a characteristic of Schuberth. However I did not find it as silent as the C3W.

Regarding the face shield, I’ve found it seals well and found the visual clarity perfect.

Schuberth S2 Ventilation

As soon as I was moving on the motorcycle, the air flow was obvious particularly across the top of my head. The large air inlet on the top has a three stage adjustable system. This was truly impressive ventilation.

Schuberth S2 Lightweight

It is one of the lightest full face helmets I’ve tested weighing just 1530 grams per my own scale. The model I tested was both DOT and ECE rated, which adds a slight increase in weight.

Mouth Room

The helmet appears a little longer at the chin bar area which I personally find a benefit. Often helmet chin bars sit closely to the mouth –this space difference was noted and I felt a positive feature in the design.
This may make the S2 not as quiet as I experienced with the C3W. I found at above 60 km/h the wind noise was noticeable where it’s not in the C3W.
I did install the small wind deflector which did reduce the noise and the air flow which on a hot day was less preferred – certainly a benefit on cold weather touring days.

Helmet Shell

Features is composed of Glass fibre is pressed at high temperature under high pressure and the addition of special resin in vacuum to a helmet shell with exceptionally high strength.

The helmet shell made of special EPS foam is designed to optimize the shock absorption properties.

EPS features optimized impact absorption properties by using a complex multi-density foam.


As found with the C3W the inner linings of the Schuberth – liner, padding and fabric is high quality. The Schuberth S2 liner is wider around the bottom which again is strategy to reduce wind noise rising up from under the helmet.

The fabric in the liner is comfortable and Schuberth use Coolmax and Thermocool fabrics, along with a coating they refer to as “Interpower” providing an anti-bacterial, optimal cooling and moisture wicking coating. The pockets in the ear area are spacious and recessed to fit the communication speakers form the SRC communication system.

The ability to make head cushion, cheek and neck collar adjustments are all possible with the inner pads.

Owners Manual

Schuberth leave no stone unturned with regard to their user manual. Good illustrations and easy step by step instructions. Info on how to work the vents, remove and wash the cheek pads/ liner, change/remove face shield and apply PinLock anti-fog insert are all easy tasks- with the manual.

Customer Care

Schuberth have also included a feature they call the Schuberth Mobility Program. If you have a mishap and damage your helmet within three years of buying it, Schuberth will replace it for one third of the original manufacturer’s retail price.

There’s a warranty offered for DOT standard helmets – quite rare with most manufacturers. Schuberth offers a seven year manufacturer’s warranty from date of manufacture; a 5 year warranty from the date of purchase on the S2 helmets (whichever comes first). The warranty however, applies only to their helmets manufactured meeting the DOT standard and purchased in North America.


The union between renowned Scala Rider systems and Schuberth makes for rider-to-rider communication excellence. However, I don’t see this as a key feature of helmet safety, in fact taking phone calls while riding can be a hazard. However and realistically when touring, some traveller pairs enjoy rider to passenger communication ability, plus the integration to the GPS to your Bluetooth indeed is a bonus for hearing directions.

The S2’s size range is from XS up to XXXL and is available in a variety of finishes:
Glossy Black, Matt Black, Glossy Silver, Glossy White, Lines Black White, High Viz Yellow, Lines Black/White, and Lines Red/White/Blue.

Schuberth S2 Colours on MOTORESS
Schuberth S2

Little Challenges – On and Off: I found the helmet more difficult to put on and remove. This I attribute to the neck collar. The neck collar can be removed but I fear this would compromise the safety aspect being that the inner linings also provide good fit around your head. Plus, there will be increased noise and air flow.

Conclusion – With Schuberth’s status and history, the S2 offers yet another choice for riders opting for this brand. Its reputed noise reduction combined with the lightweight well-balanced design make the S2 a good pick for long-distance constant highway speed rides or for a sportier rider.


S2 Solid Colours: CAD769 /USD699
S2 Hi-Viz Yellow: CAD799 /USD729
S2 Lines Graphic: CAD829 /USD749

It is pricey however with standards, options and warranty benefits bring it to good value.

Schuberth S2 Features Summary:

  • Compact and lightweight Triple Matrix Shell
  • Antibacterial, hypo-allergenic microfiber liner
  • Extremely quiet <85db at 65 mph
  • Integrated, drop-down sun visor
  • Fog-free Pinlock dual lens system
  • Patented Anti-Roll-Off-System (AROS)
  • Integrated 31 inch FM antenna and Bluetooth receiver antenna greatly improves range and reception for the optional (sold separately) fully-integrated SRCS Bluetooth communication system
  • 2 shell sizes
  • Exceeds ECE and DOT standards
  • 5 year warranty

For more information visit Schuberth and find a retailer near you.




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