Luxy Vespa Helmet Stylish Women’s Moto Concept

Helmet Style On Motoress
Luxy Vespa Helmet

This stylish Luxy Vespa Helmet concept was created by Daniel Don Chang a Product Design student at Art Centre College of Design with focuses on business strategy, branding, lifestyle, furniture, concept and form development.
Daniel created a women’s motorcycle helmet for urban commuting and casual motorcycle riding with the goal of increase helmet use due to its cool and trendy style!

Women riders represent a 25% of the population and with this helmet the distinctive and unique look sets women apart from men and from existing helmet designs.

Helmet Style on Motoress
Luxy Vespa Helmet Concept

Women Riders Represent 25% Of the Rider Population

The design, inspired from mod and retro women’s’ hair styles, is a simple pearl white and lipstick red accent colour. Luxy Vespa Helmet aims to prove that style and safety coexist.   The design was awarded BRONZE in the Student Category for the 2010 International Design Excellence Awards.

These images and trademarks are for demonstrations purposes only, and are not [yet] actual products or services on the market.

The Luxy Vespa Helmet will need to pass DOT and EU helmet safety ratings. But this is definitely a step in the right direction right girls?




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