Tumi Ducati Luggage for the Travelled Lifestyle

Tumi Ducati Luggage

Tumi Ducati luggage born out of a partnership is rooted in shared passion for design excellence, award-winning performance and technological advancement. The result of this unique collaboration is a bold and innovative collection of race-inspired, performance-driven travel, business and lifestyle accessories for those who demand style sophistication and functional superiority.

Started in 1975, Tumi takes its name from Peruvian cultures and is a ceremonial harvest knife. It is the national symbol of Peru and has become a symbol used in Peruvian tourism publicity. Tumi founder brought the name into the company under inspiration from his Peace Corps days in South America. During the 1980’s, Tumi’s innovative introduction of soft, ultra-functional, black-on-black ballistic nylon travel bags catapulted the company to its current leadership position. Throughout the 1990’s, as product innovations continued in the wheeled luggage and business case categories, increasing numbers of consumers around the world chose Tumi’s unique blend of modern design and unparalleled performance.

Designed with Tumi’s signature multi-layered ABS polycarbonate blend, the cases feature commodious nylon front panels, add-a-bag straps and aircraft grade aluminium handles. With wheels that can make 360 degree turns, it certainly makes travelling with a heavy load easier.

Ducati Tumi Luggage Motoress

Tumi Offers High-Functioning Sleek Tank Backpack and Desmo Crossbody Bag

They’re available in three sizes, including an international carry-on, Quattroporte Medium Trip Case, and Quattroporte Extended Trip Case. Alongside the sleek cases, the collection features two duffels, including a larger Due Porte Collapsible Wheeled Duffel, and an easy-to-carry Actuator Sport Duffel. For carefree, active living, Tumi offers a high-functioning, sleek Tank Medium Backpack and Deso Small Flap Crossbody bag. For those looking to take their street style into the board room, three new business options have been added.
The Multistrada Laptop Messenger, Accelerator Slim Laptop Brief, and the Super Mono Compact Brief Pack are new this season.Ducati Tumi Luggage

Additionally there’s a Ducati Tumi jacket for men. We’re hoping they would produce for women riders in the near future.

The new Tumi Ducati products are now available for purchase at Tumi stores nationwide, internationally and on www.tumi.com as well as specialty wholesale stores.

Prices are in line with ‘designer’ reputed items starting at USD145. to USD696. depending on size.



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