GOGO Gear Motorcycle Neck Warmer for Women

GOGO Gear Neck Warmer on MOTORESS

Being comfortable on a motorcycle is best achieved with proper gear. Wind and the changing temperatures during our rides is a constant battle. And that’s where GOGO Gear’s neck warmer is an essential to any woman rider’s motorcycle or scooter gear wardrobe. It’s easy to stow, zips up in a second and not only keeps wind away from neck but it’s added long front keeps chest area warm too.

Often even the best motorcycle jackets won’t prevent wind from finding its way in through the top of our jackets chilling us and making for an uncomfortable ride. GOGO Gear neck warmers are the answer- just zip on and get back to riding with comfort and style. Plus, the neck is a vulnerable area- we want to protect it from the damaging elements of wind and sun.

Designed with riders in mind this neck warmer is stylish, light-weight and is easy to put-on. Another feature is it takes little space and is portable making it easy to stow when needed. The GOGO Gear Neck warmer will provide you warm protection against the wind not only on your neck but your chest too. There’s no need to wear a scarf or turtle neck just add this fleece lined neck warmer and you’ll reap the instant results with added protection in wind prone areas.

It’s designed with an offset zipper ensuring a full seal in the middle of your chest – one of the most wind vulnerable areas of any rider. The design is contoured at the top to ensure ease of mobility and comfort fit against your neck area.

GOGO Gears Neck Warmer is a “MOTORESSential” to any rider’s wardrobe!

More Neck Warmer Details:

  • Soft fleece inner fabric for comfort
  • Diagonal zipper
  • Contoured neck and chin area to allow for maximum mobility
  • Unisex style great for the fellas too
  • Black only
  • Accented at bottom with GOGO red logo
  • Great size range from XS – S – M – L – XL – XXL

It retails for just USD 29.95 each

Visit GOGO Gear’s on line shop to get yours now!