Zipper Pulls for Motorcycle Jackets and Gear

Zipper Pull Motorcycle Motoress

Motorcycle gear often possesses many zippers and we’ve all experienced the challenges of fumbling with them (i.e. boot zippers!).  Our zipper pull for motorcycle gear makes using pockets, double closures, and zip-in linings etc. much easier to zip up or get at.

MOTORESS created its own female friendly – rider friendly “zipper pull” to make fastening up or out hassle free.  And these can be added to any zipper ‘eye’. Made from sturdy reinforced waterproof fabric and accented with our MOTORESS star logo.

Zippers Are Essential on Motorcycle Gear

Zippers are essential on motorcycle gear – they’re the strongest fasteners to be found. They make sure our protective clothing stays together keeping jackets, pants boots and even gloves closed to protect us against wind velocity and debris when under way. They’ll also keep your gear (in most cases) fastened during a mishap  – or slide – so your protective clothing stays on to do its job.

These will give you extra power the strength making it easy to fasten zippers with little effort. And even save your manicure!  You’ll no longer  have to dig in-between materials or inner liners to find the zipper end.

Even if your motorcycle gear already possesses zipper pulls, we’ve found they’re not always on every zipper. It’s certainly not common to see them on boot zippers – where a zipper pull added, makes fastening or opening your boots effortless!

Order your MOTORESS Zipper Pulls directly in our online shop!

Zipper Trivia: Elias Howe, in 1851 originator of the sewing machine, patented what he called the “Automatic Continuous Clothing Closure” but failed to develop his idea.  Forty years later, Whitcomb L. Judson patented the Clasp Locker or Unlocker for Shoes. It was clumsy and did not catch on. Gideon Sundback introduced the first modern zipper in 1913 then the B. F. Goodrich Company saw the importance of the invention for its rubber footwear and patented the item.

Fun Fact – before its usefulness was recognised the zipper was seen as a novelty and in the 1920’s several clergy thought that being able to take your clothes off faster would lead to promiscuity!

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