Harley-Davidson Encourages Women for International Female Ride Day

Harley Davidson News on MotoressMILWAUKEE (April 28, 2008) – Over the past decade, women have increasingly embraced the sport of motorcycling – seeking the freedom and empowerment associated with riding solo on the open road. Today, in celebration of the growing presence of women in the sport, Harley-Davidson is participating in International Female Ride Day and encouraging female riders around the world to allocate time to hit the open road.

International Female Ride Day is devoted to women riders of all ages and experience levels–spotlighting their passion for and involvement in the sport of motorcycling. The event celebrates women of all ages who take life by the handlebars by encouraging them to ride, no matter what type or style of motorcycle. This is the first year the Motor Company will be involved with this event, started last year by Vicki Gray of MOTORESS.

“The growth in the number of female riders over the past two decades is exciting, from 4 percent in 1990 to 12 percent today,” said Leslie Prevish, Women’s Outreach Manager for Harley-Davidson Motor Company. “Our participation in the event is our way of embracing and acknowledging women motorcyclists worldwide.”

Harley-Davidson Motor Company will celebrate International Female Ride Day by providing special parking for all female riders, gathering an employee ride in Milwaukee and hosting a Garage Party in the afternoon for female employees interested in motorcycles.

The Harley-Davidson Garage Party is a women’s only event held at dealerships nationwide to help women learn more about motorcycling and to meet others who are interested in riding. Attendees experience activities that are both entertaining and educational with topics including a review of the basic motorcycle controls, how to customize a motorcycle’s style and ergonomics, how to pick up a motorcycle and how to gear up for a ride.

Harley-Davidson Motor Company, the only major U.S.-based motorcycle manufacturer, produces heavyweight motorcycles and a complete line of motorcycle parts, accessories and general merchandise. For more information, visit Harley-Davidson’s Web site.

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