International Female Ride Day 2010 Windscreen Poster

ifrd flyer 2010We’ve created a 2010 motorcycle windscreen flyer for you to use on Friday 7 May International Female Ride Day! It’s a simple way to point out your involvement in the worlds’s only globally synchronized motorcycle ride for women.

It’s a letter size doc that’ll bring your windscreen alive with the globally recognized Female Ride Day icon image. Just tape it to the inside of your windscreen, and voilà! Of course we don’t suggest you use this if it interfere’s with your vision of the road-which may be the case for some makes of motorcycles.

Even when your motorcycle is parked, the flyer makes a statement; “this motorcycle is operated by a female rider!”

Make copies for your friends, make extras for your group but don’t forget to tape it on and JUST RIDE!


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