International Female Ride Day Kicks Off Harley-Davidson’s Newly Declared Women Riders Month

International Female Ride Day Kick Off - MOTORESS
International Female Ride Day

Activities for the 3rd Annual International Female Ride Day on Friday, May 1, 2009, founded by MOTORESS founder Vicki Gray – will kick off Harley-Davidson’s latest promotion  calling May is Women’s Rider Month.

The MOTORESS brain child “International Female Ride Day” celebrates and promotes women motorcyclists of all ages, forms and styles of motorcycling while creating awareness. The campaign invites women to simply JUST RIDE showing their support globally on the first Friday of May. The campaign has been contagious making its success worldwide a phenomenon particularly in creating female rider awareness and encouraging other women to take up the activity!

In support, Harley-Davidson plans to stage special rides in New York City and Milwaukee to commemorate International Female Ride Day. Harley-Davidson dealerships, subsidiaries and suppliers are planning rides in their areas – as indeed is precisely in keeping with the origin of International Female Ride Day in 2007.

Additionally Harley-Davidson will keep the month of May roaring for women by staging a series of events designed to celebrate the number of women who have already hit the open road on two-wheeled Harley-Davidson’s , as well as encourage through their “Garage Parties” even more women to get behind the handlebars.

Harley-Davidson’s women’s outreach manager, L. Pervish, underlined in recent press release: “In the past 20 years, the percentage of women who have purchased new Harley-Davidson motorcycles has tripled, with women now accounting for nearly 12 percent of new Harley-Davidson motorcycle purchases”.

You can find more information about Harley-Davidson’s women riders programs, including the opportunity to take part in the global International Female Ride Day rides by visiting the IFRD Facebook page.

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