She’s a Motorcyclist the 2009 International Female Ride Day Icon

International Female Ride day 2009

We are very proud to release to you our new and revised International Female Ride Day logo icon! This edgy modern icon encompasses the look and feel of the contagiously fun, globally embraced International Female Ride Day campaign—while carrying on the imagery of previous years!

We’ve adapted the icon you’ve come to identify with, so it’s not all that different—just better! We’ve finessed that strong edgy silhouette and of course included the various motorcycle styles—sport, touring, cruiser, scooter and off road, just as in previous campaign branding.

The complete image aims to emphasize the broadness of this campaign—its agelessness, its power in being female and the great satisfaction motorcycling supplies us –in the broadest sense of the activity.

We will have some additional language images available shortly in French, Italian and Dutch for web placement downloads.
And just as in 2008 we’ll going to produce this image on the limited edition t-shirt available for order online—soon. This year we’re introducing our very own line—MOTORESS label!

And if you ask us, does our International Female Ride Day woman have a name?
The response is yes, we’ve named her after you!

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