2010 International Female Ride Day Logo

Woman Motorcycle RiderWe are very pleased to release the 2010 International Female Ride Day icon image! In keeping with a distinguishing look each year, for her fourth anniversary in 2010 she takes on a bit more colour.

Shortly we’ll have documents and various printable graphics as well as web buttons that you’ll be able to use for your flyers and feature on your website.

We did define her face ever so slightly and applied more design to her helmet. With the addition of the vibrant ‘spring’ green, adding a newer contemporary accent; we find this is a also representative of the start of a new season,  but also includes the message of “think Green”! Its emblematic of our conscientious role in reversing the way we think about waste; assist in the battle against green house gases.

Additionally, it will be this image that will grace the front of our fabulous new t-shirt for 2010! -soon to be released! You’ll be excited to know we’ve gone organic with our fabric. Stay tuned!

We’ve created our image in French, but of course, and if you need her in your language.

Enjoy proudly displaying her  – JUST RIDE!

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