2013 International Female Ride Day Icon


Introducing the 2013 new icon logo for the seventh edition of International Female Ride Day! It’s vibrant, bright and depicts everything this event needs to for woman motorcycle riders the world over – JUST RIDE!

Through the past seven years this iconic image has evolved and many of its components giving the logo its look have remained consistent. For example, the motorcycles across the top on the 2013 image, have always told the story of the fact that all forms of motorcycling are included in this event. The woman rider’s face is feminine and we’ve always used an open face helmet to underline her femininity.

In 2011 we added the image of the world to further place emphasis of the many world cultures and countries taking part. That has continued with 2013 but a little different style – the globe features the characteristic landmarks we all know to represent specific regions.

This year too, the colour scheme has changed slightly. We’ve included a fluro bright yellow where last year it trended toward green. Pastel purple is the accent this year which perfectly coincides with spring and the trends in most fashion houses for season 2013.

The IFRD logo is designed by IFRD founder Vicki Gray and it will find its home on numerous women motorcycle and scooter rider web-sites – on industry pages and even with leading motorsport world associations.

If you are a woman motorcycle rider, this is a campaign not to be missed.

Similar to years prior, this image will be available shortly on the yearly collectible t-shirt! Already in demand for 2012!

JUST RIDE! – on Friday 3 May!

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