International Female Ride Day 2012 Logo

2012 IFRD LogoIntroducing the new icon logo for International Female Ride Day 2012! It’s vibrant, bright and we feel, says everything this event needs to – woman motorcycle riders, JUST RIDE!

Through the past six years this iconic image has evolved, however, many of its components have remained. The mini motorcycles have always taken a role to depict and emphasize that all forms of motorcycling are included in this event. The woman riders’ face in a helmet – depicts femininity. Since 2011 we included an image of the world and continued with that this year but in a new style.

Key for 2012 is the colour scheme, and like last year when we decided to use ‘fluro’ orange, known to the industry as a safety colour; this year we use the neon yellows, also a motorcycle safety colour.

This logo is the design by its founder Vicki Gray and has found its place, as it will in 2012, represented on numerous women’s sites, on industry pages and even in top world associations. If you are a woman motorcycle rider, this is a campaign that few miss out on.

Just like years before this image will be available shortly on the yearly collectible t-shirt! Already in demand for 2012!

Shortly we will be adding various images and banners for use in the download area.

JUST RIDE 2012 on Friday 4 May!

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