2014 International Female Ride Day Logo Revealed

ifrd logo on MOTORESSWe are very proud to release to you our 2014 International Female Ride Day logo icon! This eighth version is more colourful, windswept, flowing and edgy for this year’s special change to Saturday. It encompasses the look a feel of the contagiously fun, globally embraced International Female Ride Day campaign- JUST RIDE theme of women the world over!

We’ve adapted the icon you’ve come to identify with. We’ve ensured finesses that represent a strong, edgy silhouette and of course included the various motorcycle styles—sport, touring, cruiser, scooter and off road, just as in previous event’s branding.

The complete image aims to emphasize the broadness of this campaign —its agelessness, its power in being female and the great satisfaction motorcycling provides us while representing.
Shortly we’ll have available various usable sizes as web buttons that you’ll be able to feature on your website. These will shortly be available in additional languages.

Please remember, use our graphics without removing their components. This is our property and copyrighted material –happily provided for you to not only spread the word but show you’re part of the world’s only synchronized women’s motorcycling phenomenon.  Please further refer to our licensing agreement here. Read before you use.

Does our International Female Ride Day woman have a name?
The response is yes, we’ve named her after you!

The International Female Ride Day logo is the artistic creation and design of its founder, Vicki Gray. Enjoy!

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