International Female Ride Day 2015 Logo Icon

International Female Ride Day 2015

Here it is, the 2015 International Female Ride Day logo for the ninth edition of the world’s only and largest synchronized women’s motorcycle ride!

The 2015 version is simple, feminine and includes the usual iconic components. It involves the look a feel of this globally embraced International Female Ride Day campaign JUST RIDE theme of women the world over!

Power in Being Female

The complete image aims to emphasize the broadness of this campaign —its agelessness, its power in being female and the great satisfaction motorcycling provides us while representing.
Shortly we’ll have available the International Female Ride Day 2015 logo in various usable sizes as web buttons that you’ll be able to feature on your website. These will also be available in various languages. If you don’t see your language, send it to us via contact us page.

Her strong, edgy silhouette and of course included the various motorcycle styles—sport, touring, cruiser, scooter and off-road, just as in earlier event’s images.

Please remember, use our graphics without removing their components. This is our property and copyrighted material –happily provided for you to not only spread the word but show you’re part of the world’s only synchronized women’s motorcycling phenomenon.  Please further refer to our licensing agreement here. Read before you use.

Does the “International Female Ride Day” woman have a name?
The response is yes – we’ve named her after you!


 *The International Female Ride Day logo is the artistic creation and design of its founder Vicki Gray.

  1. I looked too! I wanted navy at least! But I bought the racerback version because it is a really nice logo. My first time participating. I hope to find others riding from Northern VA. :)

  2. I agree with you and prefer black tshirts myself! Couldn’t get the logo done other than for a white background. We’ll do better next year. How about wearing a tank top over top a black tee?

  3. I wish you had the logo in reverse for white on black since you are using Café Press. I just don’t wear white shirts and have bought the black ones in the past.

  4. Peel and stick. I used one last year on my BMW. It look fabulous and peeled off beautifully (with ease).

  5. Can you please tell me if the stickers are static stickers or peel and stick stickers for the IFRD 2015?

  6. is it possible to get your logo in french for our facebook page .We LA RIDE DE FILLES and AFMQ are gonna make a get toguether for lunch on the 2nd of may…
    my name is Sylvie Brisebois founder of LA RIDE DE FILLES since 2009… friend of Odile Mongeault … We wish to promote your ride but in french Waiting for good news . This year is going to be the first official get toguether and we are going to do it every year from now on … Thank you to have start this beautifull journy … Sorry for the mistake i’m french lol !
    You can visit and like our Facebook page Ride de Filles .

  7. Are there going to be t-shirts or anything with the logo for 2015 for sale? If so where?

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