International Female Ride Day 2015 Photo Contest Winner from Ireland

2015 International Female Ride Day Photo Contest winner on MOTORESS
2015 International Female Ride Day Photo Contest Winner

The task of finding the International Female Ride Day 2015 annual photo winner is never an easy one- what with all the spectacular photos shared! The captured reflections of enthusiastic women motorcycle riders out on their “JUST RIDE” for IFRD are to each their own, remarkable; all are winners!

Based on the contest criteria run via Facebook, voters decided (with over 2500 votes) that the group photo submitted by Moira Donohoe of Ireland’s women riders, Saturday 2 May 2015, is the winner! Congrats Moira and friends your photo has won the 2015 ninth edition International Female Ride Day photo contest.

The photo contained the caption:

“Ireland’s IFRD 12 hours of torrential rain & wind didn’t dampen our spirits”.

Our photo contest winning selection is about votes yet also about depicting an International Female Ride Day theme characteristic of the worldwide ride’s theme.  Moira’s submission certainly depicts many facets of the day’s meanings.

The ladies will hold a group raffle to pick the winning rider to receive the REV’IT! Bellecour Leather jacket. We will look forward to sharing the photo of the winner and her REV’IT! Bellecour jacket once received.

Sincere congratulations to all the women who shared their ride moments for 2015 International Female Ride Day© and to Moira and friends for submitting their outstanding photo.

Just Ride Saturday 7 May 2016!


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