International Female Ride Day T-Shirt

ifrd tshirtThis years International Female Ride Day t-shirt design is vibrant! Many women riders add it to their collection each year. It has become a popular collectible because we only make it on the occasion of International Female Ride Day. But, alongside its uniqueness, you’ll also make a fun and exciting “female rider statement” just by wearing your JUST RIDE t-shirt on International Female Ride Day!

This year we’ve added splashes of what we refer to as “safety” orange on our exclusive MOTORESS black bamboo – with v-neckline finish! wow does this design pop when you unzip your motorcycle jacket! It is stunning!

This collectible limited edition t-shirt commemorates the only world-wide campaign; the largest global event for women riders, is now available on-line- and at limited time only, pre-sale price! We start shipping on the 18th of March.

For the full details on our incredible moisture-wicking, anti-bacterial, UV resistant bamboo…order yours here!

…and don’t forget to send us your picture on 6 May!

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