International Female Ride Day Toronto City Ride 2012

IFRD Toronto 2012Welcome to the sixth edition of International Female Ride Day! Let’s “REV it Up” women riders of Toronto and the GTA! TORONTO City Ride Event for International Female Ride Day- hosted by Founder IFRD Vicki Gray – and Canada’s Motorcycle Manufacturer’s!

You’re invited to take part in the only synchronized global women rider’s event happening around the world! Friday 4 May, join thousands of female motorcycle enthusiasts – representing and promoting women riders on this universal ride day!

Friday 4 May we share our passion for motorcycling- and scootering! Women motorcycle enthusiasts band together to show our immense numbers and diverse enjoyment for the activity! The theme of IFRD is ‘JUST RIDE’- it’s as simple as that!  Join in with other women riders for motorcycling fun & camaraderie as we celebrate the 6th edition of International Female Ride Day – it all started right here in Toronto!


The day / ride are structured to ensure you can participate in its entirety or join up at a point along the way. It was designed so you’ll have the opportunity to include yourself, join in with your female rider friends (and make new ones!) for the full day or shorter visits along the way!

The IFRD partners, sponsors and supporters are hosting their own OPEN HOUSE to welcome Toronto’s women riders! You can stop by these locations at any point during their specified time-frames. You can choose to ride with Vicki and group, with your own friends, or solo during various segments of the day. You will have the chance to meet these renowned Canadian motorcycle experts at their head office locations! Canada’s most successful motorcycle brands welcome you on 4 May extending their ongoing support for women riders! …and yes, there will be contests, giveaways!

Click here for the full PDF file -JUST RIDE AGENDA + OPEN HOUSE SCHEDULES + City Hall meet up map!


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