Women Motorcycle Meet & Greet with Laureen Harper

Laureen Harper on MotoressThe Eastern Canada chapter of the Motor Maids have organized a meet and greet in honour of International Female Ride Day with Mrs. Laureen Harper, the wife of Canada’s Prime Minister.  This was a rather easy meeting to arrange on the fifth edition of the worlds’ only and largest women motorcycling event, International Female Ride Day as Laureen Harper is also a woman who enjoys riding!

Mrs. Laureen Harper has extended an invitation to the oldest women and motorcycle club the MOTOR MAIDS to visit the official residence of the Prime Minister in Ottawa – known as “24 Sussex Drive”. This took place on Friday, May 4th, 2012 in celebration of the fifth annual International Female Ride Day!

It will be a brief visit, but certainly a worthwhile opportunity for the day celebrating women motorcycle riders! Motor Maids from Ottawa and surrounding areas as far as Toronto were in attendance for the morning visit on Friday 4 May.

More About Laureen (Teskey) Harper: The eldest of three Laureen was born in Turner Valley, a rural town south-west of Calgary, Alberta. Her parents were ranchers and owned an electrical contracting company. After graduating from Oilfields High School, she attended the Southern Alberta Institute of Technology where she studied photography and graphic arts. After graduation from SAIT she spent six months travelling in Africa, visiting 13 countries – an adventure that continues to inspire her love of hiking and her interest in learning about other cultures.

She was first married to New Zealander Neil Fenton from 1985 to 1988.

Before moving to Ottawa, Laureen ran a successful graphic arts business in Calgary. She still fosters her love of photography and art in her spare time. Her interest in politics was sparked early in her career, when she attended a speech by Senator Stan Waters; Canada’s first elected senator, and heard Diane Ablonczy encouraging young women to get involved in public life.

Teskey joined the Reform Party of Canada in the late 1980’s, and met Stephen Harper at the Reform assembly in Saskatoon in 1990. They married in 1993. She and her husband have two children, Ben (born April 19, 1996) and Rachel (born 1999). Teskey offers her home to the OHS (Ottawa Humane Society) as a foster home for kittens ….and in her spare time enjoys riding her motorcycle.

**Note this was an exclusive MOTOR MAIDS event. Another good reason to join the the club.

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