2018 International Female Ride Day Photo Winner is Guadeloupe

2018 International Female Ride Day Photo Winner is Guadeloupe
“French Caribbean Girls Just Riding Under the Sun for 2018 IFRD”

Since introducing International Female Ride Day, I’ve been on the receiving end of amazing photos capturing the “Just Ride” day moments from women the world over. And this year was no different, outside of the fact that the MOTORESS website could not keep up to the voting demands – and crashed. You may have heard about the challenge and experienced difficulties yourself. With that the photo contest rules changed meaning that the photo contest winner for best solo/selfie (photo up to six persons in the image) would now be chosen by me, the founder.

I managed to backup all photos uploaded to the MOTORESS server before removing the photo-contest application. From near over one thousand submissions, I narrowed it down to my three favourites and made the decision of one for the solo/selfie photo of up to six persons maxin the photo.

Believe me it wasn’t easy! And here is the photo winner for this category!

Congrats Jenna Photo Contest Winner From Guadeloupe

Pictured above is Jenna’s submission, and my winning choice! Her photo is titled “BikerGirls971 from Guadeloupe”, adding “French Caribbean Girls Just Riding Under the Sun for 2018 IFRD”!

Congrats to you Jenna for capturing – in your eyes- that fire, that joy of riding and the camaraderie of sharing with other women IFRD.
You win the REV’IT! Women’s Logan jacket!

Ireland and BC Canada Were Close

These two photos were my next favourites for first place:

More Favourites!

We will have the full gallery up soon so stay tuned.

Thank you again everyone for sharing and for your understanding in the unpredictable challenges we faced.

Congrats again to Jenna on winning this photo category for 2018 International Female Ride Day. Thank you from all of us for your incredible capture.
Your photo we’ll all cherish for years to come!

And yes the 2019 countdown has begun – Saturday 4 May 2019 -“Just Ride!”

Thank you everyone!
Vicki Gray
Founder IFRD


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  1. I’m delighted that I even got a mention and that you liked my photo. Roll on IFRD 2019. Enjoy the road and stay safe
    Sarah Stokes

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