Announcing 2019 International Female Ride Day Photo Contest and Awards

2019 International Female Ride Day Contest - MOTORESS

Share International Female Ride Day© photo moments of you, your motorcycle and your friends and win!

The International Female Ride Day© photo contest is on! Since its introduction, photos and images of women like you, have been documented in over 120 countries!  For over a decade we’ve asked you to share the moments you captured during your “JUST RIDE!” day experience.  That photo which captured you alone, with friends or at an event can find it’s place in the International Female Ride Day© photo contest IFRD FAME GALLERY !

Women riders around the world enjoy sharing a taste of their own unique riding culture – we all love to see that!  Share what you did, where you rode and how you spent your International Female Ride Day©

IFRD Photo Contest Award – IFRD Fame Gallery

With 2019 I am implementing a change where no longer photos win based on votes but will be selected, with support of a jury and eventually, the final vote being determined by me, its Founder. The photo contest AWARD will also be designed by especially for IFRD (artist announced shortly) and will be a honorary keepsake.
Winning photos will achieve an lifetime feature in the IFRD Gallery Of Fame.

Award Categories

Three awards will be recognised for the following:

Award Categories

  • IFRD SELFIE: One to six women in photo.
  • IFRD PHOTO: Up to seven women in photo
  • IFRD GROUP: Eight women or more in photo.

How Does It Work

Use the entry form and submit by upload your photo entry. Be sure to complete all information requested.

After the contest deadline for submissions time will be sorted, and judged. The photos will be narrowed down to the three most inspiring photos for each category and posted on the website.

After another week of deliberation I (Vicki Gray) will select the winner from each category and these will be announced.

Timeline Summary

  • 4 May, contest opens.
  • 4 May to 11 May (midnight EDT) submit your entry using the form
  • 11 May Submissions closed.
  • 12 May to 19 May images will be judged, sorted.
  • 21 May finalists, three from each category – will be posted on website
  • 1 June (or earlier) IFRD Photo Contest Winners announced.

Each winner will be shipped their personalised, specially created award. Only one award per category will be created for each category.

The winners will be featured permanently in the  IFRD Fame Gallery

Uploading Your IFRD Image

Please be sure to NAME your image and provide all the details needed.

Terms and Conditions of the IFRD photo contest must be accepted in order to enter.

Good luck and enjoy sharing your special IFRD moment while contribution on the day worldwide for women motorcycle riders.



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