Cycle Sisters Isabelle Crane Varner Celebrates 90th Birthday Milestone on 2 May

Cycle Sisters Isabelle turns 90
1955 left to right, Top: Lois Schmidt, Pat Smith, Pat Martin, Isabelle(Izzy) Crane Bottom: Betty Beck, Mary Skaggs, Gloria Bash, Flip Mlady

On Saturday 2 May as women of the world take to their motorcycles and JUST RIDE in a worldwide synchronized action, Isabelle Crane -Varner will celebrate an incredible milestone in her life – her 90th birthday. It’s what you might call rather appropriate timing that the ninth edition of IFRD falls on Isabelle’s special day as Isabelle has lived her life in the joy’s of motorcycling. In fact she was one of those early pioneers for women and motorcycling forming Ohio’s “Cycle Sisters” All-Women Motorcycle Club along with a few other of her female riding buddies. The club lasted ten years until it merged to become one of the Motor Maid chapters.

Cycle Sisters Isabelle turns 90

Cycle Sisters Isabelle turns 90


Born and raised in Cleveland, OHIO it was in 1951 on a Harley 165 “K” model (Early Sportster) she left the passenger seat of her husband’s motorcycle and took to riding solo. Then  in 1953, along with a few of her female riding buddies,  the “Cycle Sister’s All-Women’s Motorcycle Club” was formed. A year after the “Cycle Sister’s” were formed, Isabelle exchanged her 165 “K” Model for a Harley 165 “K” model (Early Sportster) 1954 moved up to a Harley 74 FLH 1955 carried 3 kids in a side car for several years.

Until 1965 Izzy and her husband Hal made many motorcycle trips together throughout the North east United States, to Canada, Niagara Falls and many trips throughout Ohio. She especially enjoyed riding on popular biker “Poker Runs” and the long distance “Iron Butt” rides. In her years of riding Isabelle never owned or rode an electrically started motorcycle, it was always one with a kick starter.

Isabelle retired in Arizona and is where she still resides. It was just two years ago Isabelle was caught enjoying a ride on an ATV.

Isabelle will enjoy a celebrating her 90th with her family, grand kids and nine Great-Grand kids. She’ll be honoured in escort by the WITW Cactus Cuties Chapter Arizona, USA.

Isabelle, on 2 May we too will celebrate your milestone by sending you a traditional biker salute along the ride… in your honour, on your special day. JUST RIDE!

Congrats to you and Happiest of Birthday’s “Izzy”!

Cycle Sisters Isabelle turns 90
Isabelle sitting on friends Can Am

Special thanks to Christine Allen for researching and providing all the beautiful Isabelle facts. Christine is a member of WOW – Women in the Wind Cactus Cuties Chapter Arizona, USA and will be attending Isabelle’s celebration.

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