International Female Ride Day 2016 Official Ride Day T-Shirts

International Female Ride Day T-Shirts

Who would have thought those t-shirts introduced ten years ago would be today, such an enjoyable highly sought after part of International Female Ride Day (IFRD). Our t-shirts have been collected and worn every year by women motorcycle riders the world over. Women have enjoyed boasting their proud woman rider spirit on this unique day with the IFRD collectible t-shirt across all cultures. This year the tenth anniversary authentic design is truly a major collectible.

If you’re in the mood for solid T-shirts for women in every colour under the motorcycling sun, we’ve been able to expand choice. We’ve implemented some retro design items to the 10th edition logo on International Female Ride Day T-Shirt for 2016. We’ve been able to find a third party online sources where we can satisfy worldwide t-shirt and articles demands.

International Female Ride Day T-shirts via Main Shop Partner Wide Selection

For amazing choice in colours, styles and sizes – shop for your International Female Ride Day t-shirt here at our partnered online shop.This global platform for personalized clothing and accessories, is the go-to-place for your special International Female Ride Day clothing – t-shirts, sweatshirts, hoodies, with style! Top quality IFRD logo is printed on a diverse array of styles which we think you’ll really love!

International Female Ride Day T-shirts via Café Press Shop Partner More Accessories

Namely for stickers, accessories and a few extra t-shirt designs we’ve partner with Café Press as we did in 2015. You’ll find some fun items here to accent your day and of course commemorate it.

What’s Hot?

There’s nothing like wearing and owning an authentic official International Female Ride Day T-shirt. Get yours in short sleeves, long sleeves; black, white, pink or neon!

Make a statement on 7 May the tenth anniversary of the world’s only and largest global ride for women.

Just Ride!

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