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International Female Ride Day Logo Use Guidelines and Agreement - MOTORESS
International Female Ride Day Logo Use Guidelines and Agreement

Imagine how thrilling – yet challenging it is to create and implement a global movement!  Our International Female Ride Day© (IFRD) campaign has been met with worldwide success and its logo has become iconic! It is the identifier for the IFRD movement – universally signifying the IFRD empowerment action.

Power in Consistency

IFRD became a movement in its first year (2007).  Its strength over the years evolved through countless components including, its clear and consistent message. This constancy is imperative to the goals of IFRD and the action of the day – JUST RIDE! –to unify and advance women’s riding cultures in a single joint effort.

As the IFRD message expanded over the years,  the more power it gathered. This is the aim of ensuring the logo and name of the event is controlled – for the clear, unaltered goals IFRD represents and has succeeded to achieve. The assurance in your support of consistency safeguards this unique, game-changing wave of power for women riders -year after year.

Consistency is the key to successful growth. And consistency goes beyond the IFRD action. It is a mission implemented, a promise made clear with every interaction, each participant, contributor or ally experiences.  Founder Vicki Gray has stood ground and throttled the IFRD mission forward to grow awareness and  loyalty with women motorcycle riders the world over – for success.  It is vital the logo, the date, the mission do not become altered or changed through use.  (*translated logos as an exception)

IFRD Campaign and Logo Proprietorship

The is the brainchild of Vicki Gray, founder and creator including artwork.  The intention is for you to use IFRD tools to join in the mission of advancement for women riders!  All that’s requested is that you join in respectfully, under the terms outlined in its use. Over the years, unfortunately, there have been situations of misuse of the logo and campaign which have met with our control. (Please feel free to report any situations of misuse.)

It is out of good will and helpful intent these tools are offered – for the growing successful International Female Ride Day©.

Respectful Use

You are welcome to use the International Female Ride Day© graphics and images provide here for your flyers, web-banners, and social media cover pages, etc. But please read the International Female Ride Day© (IFRD) Logo Use Agreement. In short the agreement confirms your use of our material for your print, flyers etc. without change or for profit.

IFRD Use Agreement and Terms

IFRD Logo Use T-Shirts • Souvenirs • Flags • Patches All Require a Licensing Authorization – Permission

IFRD logo file formats such as vector, ai, eps, for printing on t-shirts, clothing, key-chains, stickers, patches etc. are not provided.  We own the design and artwork of IFRD. We are happy to consult with you in a collaboration for your event.

IFRD T-Shirts for Your Group Event or Ride

We produce a yearly, official IFRD t-shirt. It is a collectible and provides an awesome statement for the JUST RIDE day event.  All sales generated by the official IFRD t-shirt and merchandise we offer is to recoup costs incurred by running IFRD. 

If you are looking to print the IFRD logo on your own t-shirts, clothing, hats, or even create a patch please contact us.

NOTE:  it is illegal to reproduce copyrighted material without permission.

IFRD Licensing Agreement

The official merchandise offered each year, whether in our own shop or via third-party  – generates some revenue to help us cover the costs of running a worldwide event and managing IFRD.

We will consider arranging licensing agreements to businesses/groups. A  licensing and/or royalty fee may be involved, depending on your project and items. We’re happy to discuss with you. Please submit the form below.


  • If your event or item warrants permission, please provide details by filling out the form below completely. A response will be sent as soon as possible.



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