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International Female Ride Day FAQS

Listed below are our most commonly asked International Female Ride Day

International Female Ride Day Ride Day Goals

International Female Ride Day© (IFRD) is a campaign for women motorcycle

International Female Ride Day Defined

International Female Ride Day© (#IFRD) is a global motorcycle campaign

International Female Ride Day Logo Use Agreement - MOTORESS

International Female Ride Day Logo Use Agreement

Over the years we (MOTORESS and founder, Vicki Gray) have invested extensive hours and funds to design and produce an image we and all women motorcycle enthusiasts can not only be universally proud of – but enjoy. This International Female Ride Day© (IFRD) logo image has become an iconic identifier for women riders. It’s for use by all. Of course to ensure its identifier around the world it is important to keep the image unified. Therefore it is important that it doesn’t become altered or changed across all cultures. Though we do produce it in various languages, this of course is the one permissible, and logical change we support.

Who Owns IFRD Campaign and Logo?

We do, MOTORESS and it’s creator, Vicki Gray. But we share it with you and are happy for you to use it to support, inform and represent the world’s only global women and motorcycling event under the terms of our agreements.

Over the years, as unfortunate as it is, we’ve had more than our share of legal actions taken on unauthorized use of our logos and copyrighted material. This certainly puts a damper on the goals we aim for. We have had the full range of individuals, companies, organizations, and rider groups –  claim, steal, alter and profit from our artwork – all of which is illegal.

It is out of our good will and helpful intent we offer you the tools to enjoy a successful International Female Ride Day. We use our ability, staff and budget to help bring higher awareness, support and influence to women and motorcycling and this grand event you take part in.

Respectful Use

You are welcome to use our International Female Ride Day© graphics and images we’ve provide here for your flyers, web-banners, and social media cover pages, etc. However, to do this you must read and our International Female Ride Day© (IFRD) Logo Use Agreement; the “Use Agreement and Terms”.
In short, the agreements states – use our material for your print, flyers etc. but do not change it.
We suggest you READ IT NOW.

IFRD Logo Use T-Shirts • Souvenirs • Flags • Patches All Require a Licensing Authorization!!

We do not provide IFRD logo file formats such as vector, ai, eps, for printing on t-shirts, clothing, key-chains, stickers, patches etc. We own the design and artwork of IFRD.  In fact Vicki Gray Founder of IFRD is the artist and designed the logo in 2006 – which has evolved to what you see today.  This is her artwork and she is the artist of license.

IFRD T-Shirts for Your Group Event or Ride

If you are looking to print the IFRD logo on t-shirts, clothing, hats, or even create a patch and seek to receive a file format to do so, we officially do not provide. It is forbidden to take our artwork and do such – except with our written approval and your signing of our artist licensing agreement.
This arrangement accompanies a licensing fee and/or a royalty fee depending on your project and items.

We’re happy to discuss with you. Please send an inquiry.

Why An IFRD Artist Licensing Agreement?

The official merchandise we offer each year, whether in our own shop or via third-party  – generates some revenue to help us put a few dollars back in our pockets. We trust you won’t mind if that occurs  – being that we need to sustain, in some way, all our efforts.  Just for a moment,  imagine how much effort you would be required to give,  if you were running a word-wide campaign – namely for free?  But let’s be real, any revenue generated by the IFRD t-shirt sales in no means covers any part of our investment over the past 11 years nor the global efforts to sustain works on IFRD.  Making t-shirts available pays for a few of our online costs but most importantly, this famous t-shirt gives us the biggest smiles when we see you proudly wearing an authentic IFRD shirt.
Yes, that’s our greatest reward.

A Decade of Devoted IFRD FREE LABOUR – Minutes, Hours, Days, Months

So you might now understand that  for over a decade we continue to do our best to keep up to the WORLD-WIDE demands of clubs, groups, dealerships, and riders, our investment is short of any rewards in the sense of woman-power time and costs.  Selling t-shirts is but one tiny form of assistance.
Within this same note, Vicki Gray created and ventured into this mission to result in change for women motorcycle riders.
IFRD achieved this and continues to do so.
In fact, the reason the iconic t-shirt came about is due to women requesting it.   It has now become a sought after, special item to wear on every IFRD and a keepsake memento valued to every woman rider and we too, love it!

We therefore appreciate your respect in working with us and your equally respectful contributions to this incredibly successful global program for you, for women motorcycle riders the world over.

Thank you!