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Get involved in International Female Ride Day© Everyone, everywhere can join in and you are invited to connect with International Female Ride Day© goals.  Direct International Female Ride Day (IFRD) relationships strengthen IFRD actions – for women motorcycle riders and for women’s growth in motorcycling.

Share Parallel Principles


IFRD partnership relationships are suitable organisations, brands or manufacturers who share parallel principles and a focus on helping forge along with us, a female rider-friendly world.


IFRD supporter relationships are also suitable organisations, brands or manufacturers who share parallel principles and wish to demonstrate support in a good intention effort to the IFRD cause. Often supporters are not large organisations but extend efforts within the motorcycling segment to women. female rider-friendly world.

Please submit the form below to outline your interest in partnering up. Upon receipt the details will be reviewed. Should the proposal be of interest and relevance, a response will be provided for further discussion.

The form below is for entities looking to enter into a fee-based IFRD relationship in return for agreed deliverables. These IFRD Partnerships are not in-kind relationships, nor do they provide financial remuneration to third parties.

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International Female Ride Day COUNTDOWN
JUST RIDE! Saturday 22 August 2020

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Vikrant Singh
Vikrant Singh

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March 30th

Hope you are all well, healthy and keeping positive!
Due to the COVID-19 virus (Coronavirus) I've been closely monitoring the advice of health experts and government authorities to the global spread of the virus.
Since we’ve not yet “flattened the curve” the unfortunate decision has been made - not to go through with our IFRD global action on Saturday 2 May.
The priority is ensuring we are all safe, not putting ourselves, friends and loved ones at risk and work together to prevent and stop the spread of the virus.
As we fast approach the 14th edition there is no way now to proclaim this is risk-free date.

NEW DATE Saturday 22 August 2020
IFRD is too important, and valuable (fun!) for women riders.
With that, a new 'JUST RIDE' date has been selected:
►Saturday 22 August◄ with the hopes that this will be enough space and time to resolve the current situation.

IFRD website, logos and all other IFRD platforms will be updated shortly.

Let’s keep the IFRD engine fired up🔥 and our trust and faith to a quick end to this pandemic.
Just Ride!

Thank you and stay healthy.
Vicki Gray - Founder IFRD

**Discussions are in play regarding IFRD TRIBUTE Action on 2 May.
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March 23rd

Happy Monday! Hope everyone is staying (or getting) healthy.
Nothing to inform about regarding 2 May just yet.
Let's stay positive and hope current restrictions will be short lived and that we've not only "flattened the curve" of Covid-19 but ridden beyond it.👍#internationalfemalerideday
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