2016 International Female Ride Day Windscreen Flyer

Here it is! Your 2016 International Female Ride Day© motorcycle windscreen flyer. This is one simple, small way to decorate your motorbike as you ‘JUST RIDE’  on the tenth edition of the world’s only and largest synchronized women’s ride day. It’s a simple way to point out your involvement and support.

2016 International Female Ride Day Windscreen Flyer
International Female Ride Day Windscreen Flyer

Just click on the link and print the PDF formatted file. Trim, fit and “Just Ride!” This letter size document  will bring your windscreen alive with the globally recognized 2016 International Female Ride Day icon image. And of course a little statement too.

2016 International Female Ride Day Windscreen Flyer

Where to Place Your IFRD Windscreen Flyer

Over the years we’ve seen the iconic flyer placed on top cases, rear back rest bars, front wheel guards/fenders, tanks, side-panels and of course windscreen. We’ve even seen the flyer placed on a rider’s backpack –  awesome! It’s your time to flag and get creative. But of course, be sure where ever you place you’re safe.


  • Watch out for moisture/ rain. If you can take the flyer to a printer and have it laminated. Another option is place in a large plastic kitchen food storage bag (Ziploc) and then attach.
  • Tape it with double-sided tape. This works like a charm and doesn’t leave any residue that’s hard to remove.
  • to the inside of your windscreen, and voila!
  • Prepare a few days in advance, not only can you pre-promote IFRD but you’ll be sure you’ve got your flyer on tight in plenty of time.2016 International Female Ride Day Windscreen Flyer

Note! We don’t suggest you use this flyer if it interferes with your vision and/or path of sight on the road ahead. this may be the case on some makes of motorcycles and their style of windscreen.  Do not place this anywhere on your bike where it will interfere with any safe operation of your motorcycle. Safety first!

Even when your motorcycle is parked, the flyer makes a woman rider statement.

Make copies for your friends, make extras for your group but don’t forget to tape it on and … “JUST RIDE!”

Have fun and ride safe!

Version 1 PDF – Date flyer
Version 2 PDF – Just Ride flyer
Version 3 PDF – This bike’s flyer

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