International Female Ride Day Defined

International Female Ride Day Defined

International Female Ride Day© (IFRD) launched in 2007, is a globally synchronized motorcycle ride day for women motorcyclists who own, ride, or have access to a motorcycle or scooter. The worldwide celebrated day occurs once a year, and calls upon women in all countries to “JUST RIDE!©” – to take part in the movement aimed at advancing motorcycling for women. IFRD highlights women who ride while encouraging others to explore the activity.

“IFRD, created for change; to advance motorcycling for women”, Vicki Gray,  Founder

By participating and riding on International Female Ride Day©  women motorcycle riders demonstrate their passion, ability, enthusiasm and involvement in motorcycling / motorsport; on all levels. All brands participate across all forms of motorcycling – road, track, dirt even three-wheelers, side-cars and scooters.
Each and every woman rider participant becomes a profiled role model and representative on contributing to the activity by building awareness of female motorcyclists. This worldwide unified presence further demonstrates across all cultures, the fun and enjoyment women across all cultures, ages and diversities share in this wonderful activity of motorcycling.

The First Saturday in May

International Female Ride Day© occurs on the first Saturday (formerly Friday) of May each year. Women motorcycle riders take part by simply being on their motorcycle to “JUST RIDE!©“.

On IFRD Women Take to Their Motorbikes To . . .

“JUST RIDE!©” .   .   .
… To work
… To meet rider friend(s)
… To an IFRD event or fundraiser
… To a local motorcycle retailer or dealership
… Through your home town / city or countryside
… To a fitness class
… To a long winding country road
… To a long winding country road
… To take an off-road or track day course
… To a shopping mall
… To a landmark to capture your IFRD Just Ride photo for the contest or as a memento.
… Around town showing off the windscreen flyer making a statement for women riders.
… To however and, where ever you wish.

International Female Ride Day© invites women to be on a motorcycle and it’s their choice what to do from there. It is not a specifically organised ride nor is it a ride for charity as such. There’s no directive other than to getting out there, be on your motorcycle, scooter or trike and “JUST RIDE!©.
It’s a simple action intentionally designed not to dilute the ride day’s core message to that of highlighting  women motorcyclists and encouraging others.

Worldwide Organised Events and Rides

It isn’t surprising however, that many organised activities occur. Clubs, groups, organisations or solo, women motorcycle riders blend their own purpose, theme or message. Often these events include a locally preferred charity or good cause or quite simply, the solidarity of women rider camaraderie!

IFRD was introduced by Vicki Gray director and the founder of MOTORESS –  to ensure the growth of women in motorcycling.
This has been, and continues to be Gray’s life-long mission and commitment to safe and fun motorcycling for women and for all.


The only request is that women riders get out on their motorcycle, scooter or trike and “JUST RIDE!©

Motorcycles of all brands, styles, capacities and forms are invited. It’s an all brands event – supported by Harley-Davidson, BMW Motorrad, Kawasaki, Honda, Triumph, Ducati – etc. IFRD includes motorcycles for street, off-road/dirt or scooter, sport, duo-purpose, cruiser, touring, or trike. All take part and join in.

This is one day devoted to women motorcycle riders – women of all ages, of all experience levels demonstrating their personal passion, pleasure and camaraderie through motorcycling.



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