GOGO Gear Hologram Jacket for Women Riders

GOGO GearWomen motorcycle riders have sought motorcycle gear for decades that fits, is safe, comfortable, but offers that feminine from bike-to-street style. It’s not surprising then that the unique GOGO Gear Hologram jacket styled for the urban-ette – entirely defies and changes the gear-style world for women riders!

The appropriately named “hologram” jacket you can see for your self, is made from a futuristic reflective fabric that can’t help get you noticed day or night; on city streets. It’s really quite inventive combining an “affect fabric” which results in being a huge plus for motorcycle riders – visibility our foremost traffic strategy.

With water resistant outer and abrasion resistant inner fabric lining (hidden/sewn into outer fabric see image below) features it can’t expect to liken itself to leather or Kevlar enforced textiles. At the same time, it’s smartly concealed, built-in CE approved back protector; elbow and shoulder armour supplies security and protection far exceeding standard casual wear riders far too often opt for…due to “looks”. GOGO’s intention is obvious, combining style and safety for women!

GOGO Gear Hologram Jacket for Women RidersAlong with the hologram fabric a reflector on its own, GOGO went a step further adding additional reflective strip details on the jackets shoulders, collar and cuffs. Plus the silver fabric on inside collar, inside cuffs, and reverse side of belt are all reflective for maximum visibility when desired. Simply fold these to reveal the other side when riding in the dark for maximum visibility! Also a terrific space-like dazzle accent only a fashionista could appreciate.

Its long mid thigh length provides additional coverage to your hind side/backside and top of legs when seated. The jacket’s shape is classically designed in the popular military jacket style whose length I found perfect especially when leaned over a sport bike or for additional wind proof protection on the upright position; scooter or custom ride. This classic design also looks great on all figure types – long, short, wide or narrow. Plus the black based hologram is concealing and evades accenting those areas we wish not to emphasize.


The inner elastic wind wrist cuff with thumb hole ensures no air gets up the sleeve – plus with your motorcycle glove over top (and under fabric cuff) allows for added comfort insulating against an often rough feeling leather glove. This feature further allows for the jackets’ wide cuff style to succeed where without, the cuff would flare in the wind causing discomfort and eventual attention span distraction.

The jacket’s final fasteners are buttons outside, with a zipper ensuring closure inside. The two inside pockets allow for handy stowage for say, your MOTORESS Beauty Gear lipstick and bronzer.

The hologram fabric is easy to clean with a damp cloth so those little beasty bugs are easily removed. This is the jacket you can wear from bike to night out with no one knowing it’s a motorcycle jacket!

This jacket comes in size ranges from 34 to 39; check the on line size chart for the specific fit details.
TIP: Be sure to get a snug fit so follow the size chart to ensure the fabric has minimal movement when on but enough space to wear your business suit jacket underneath or an extra layer on chilly days.

The GOGO Gear Hologram jacket is superb, defying the norm in women’s rider gear!
And… it feels so light, comfy and truly “womanly” on!

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