The Calvert By Harley-Davidson Footwear Is The Motorcycle Boot You Won’t Be Able To Kick

The Calvert By Harley-Davidson Footwear - Vicki Gray For MOTORESS
The Calvert By Harley-Davidson Footwear – Vicki Gray MOTORESS

As a woman motorcycle rider, gear and motorcycle boots haven’t always been easy to find. In earlier days, I’d visit the local “punk” shops to find boots that would give me that little extra style but still offer strength and safety for motorcycling. So now to have the choice Harley-Davidson Footwear offers for women is a dream come true. The Calvert women’s motorcycle boot for me, has become like an addiction. The boot I’m not able – to kick!

Things are not as they appear.

You might not know this – Harley-Davidson (HD) Footwear is licensed to Wolverine Worldwide. Wolverine make this line. They’ve a long history dating back to their beginnings in 1883. The brands they own I’m sure you’re familiar with – Hush Puppies, Keds, Saucony, to name a few. They offer the highest standards of human and environmental health and safety. So yes, we are dealing with a combination factors of quality!

The Calvert

My first knowledge of The Calvert was due to it being one of three (for women) from their new cold-black technology line. A treated leather which does not absorb the sun but reflects it. This new heat resistant leather is called TFL COOL SYSTEM. I also wanted to give The Calvert a real test as I saw it as my multi-use, everyday riding boot.

When the Calvert arrived, I opened the box and thought they looked ginormous! Really something I’d wear logging in the wood (first thoughts). Then again, rather small/average build me, is attached to a pair of 8/8.5 sized feet (Euro 38). I further wouldn’t usually go for a boot with laces either. This combined with a chunky heel and rounded toe worried me. But like many items you see on the rack, you’ve got to try them on to get the truth.  And once on, I could not believe the fit and comfort as well as the solidness my foot felt to the ground! Plus overall, The Calvert gave the appearance of a “serious riding business” boot – with style. And since that moment forward, The Calvert has been my most beloved riding boot.

The Calvert By Harley-Davidson Footwear - Vicki Gray For MOTORESS
The Calvert By Harley-Davidson Footwear

The Calvert – Here’s Why

This boot works from footpeg to parking lot; to hiking the Skyway Trail to meet up with friends in an urban café. It is diverse. But importantly, safe, comfortable and stylish. Many riding boots are great for riding but nothing else. And many riding boots that appear funky and stylish are absolutely unsafe for motorcycling. H-D Footwear really got it right.

They’ll wear for hours and the TFL Cool System really works. I recall one day, after riding for several hours in the hot summer sun in the city centre -teaching a group of riders – a coolness took my attention to my feet. And it was delightful!

New heat resistant leather with TFL COOL SYSTEM technology keeps boot temperatures up to 54 degrees cooler than standard leather when exposed to the sun’s rays over time. COOL technology reduces the surface temperature of leather by reflecting infrared rays for improved long term thermal comfort.

Equally important is the sturdy footing this boot provided me.  I feel strong and confident when it comes to foothold at stops, or walking a heavy bike on a wet surface or even gritty surface. They grip!

Initially, there were a few challenges when test riding certain styles of motorcycles – specifically to getting my foot under the shifter. But once I became more familiar with the boot it wasn’t a problem. (To compare, it was like the first time I pulled into a fuel stop with panniers on a bike. I came in too close to the pump and knocked the trash can over -with the panniers!)  Even the heel height on a small sportbike like the Ninja 400 I tested or the Triumph Bobber, no problem.

No Scuff = Endurance

Riding is all I do –  and on many different styles and types of motorcycles. To date, there is not a scuff on the left toe. Surprising, as when I first started to wear the Calvert I thought for certain this would be an inevitable simply because the leather seems to subtle. These boots will last long!

They Are Not Waterproof

The Calvert does not profess to be waterproof, and I can say I happily tested that aspect. I was stuck in a downpour on a long distance ride resulting in two soaked feet. The boot dried quickly overnight and had no ill-effect on the leather’s quality or form.

Adjustable For Every Ankle, Every Pant

What I really like is the adjustable width lacing. Now granted earlier I mentioned I don’t general like boots with laces. These boots do have a side zipper and the laces have a great purpose. The motorcycle pants I wear with Kevlar are thicker than other riding pants. And The Calvert allows for these pants to tuck inside the boot. This because the laces allow loosening or tightening around the ankle area. This feature has helped me wear any riding pant I want!

The strap at the top of the boot I found no use for as yet. but it is super stylish and adds a special accent. I will add another hole in the strap if needed eventually to tighten the boot further.

More Of My Favourite Features

  • Lacing is strong with YKK locking inside zippers mean you can slip-in and kick them off in no time.
  • Extra layer of leather is placed on the heel’s counter.
  • Pull-on back heel loop
  • Slip and oil resistance
  • Grippy tread design and a bright Harley orange Bar & Shield is embedded in the instep.
  • TFL COOL SYSTEMS® technology.
  • Style and comfort

The Calvert Gallery

Wrap Up or “Lace Up”

You’ll see this boot in most of the pictures I’ve posted – on different bikes and riding scenarios. Why? Because I love ‘em! They really are much more than meets the eye. They’re priced at $180.USD . Well worth it as they stand up and will give you many miles of foot-fanciful riding.

On sizing, I take a CAD/US size 8 and a Euro size 38. In this boot, the size 39 fit me best. Furthermore, in a motorcycle boot you want room for a good pair of socks. And I want room for “anti-odour” insoles (all my boots have these as moto boots, like any leather boot, tend not to breathe too well).

One improvement I would like to see is some way to tuck the laced up looped ends inside the boot. Dangling laces on a motorcycle boot are not always safe and I want them out of the way. I tuck them down the leather tongue  on the zipper side of the boot. But they still manage to wiggle out with riding and movement.

The Calvert is a winner and you don’t need to ride or own a Harley to benefit from all the features of this awesome motorcycle boot for women!

More Details:

  • Goodyear welt construction with rubber outsoles
  • Total height: 24.7cms / 9.75in; Shaft height: 20.3cms / 8in; Heel height: 4.5cms/1.75in
  • Full-length mesh lining
  • Abrasion and oil-resistant
  • Resoleable
  • Full-grain, heat resistant leather upper
  • Colours: black
  • Manufacturer Part Number: D87153

More About Wolverine

Wolverine and Harley-Davidson have a long tradition of bringing original and functional footwear to our motorcycle enthusiasts. Loyal. Tough. Fearless.

The HD Footwear embodies the spirit of the open road, as well as the men and women who proudly wear the name. With a growing global presence, Harley-Davidson Footwear markets functional riding and fashion footwear to anyone who seeks quality and values the Harley-Davidson brand.

Officially Licensed Harley-Davidson Product by Wolverine.

Visit Harley-Davidson Footwer to get your own! *Note: The Calvert (you might find these in your local dealership however) has been replaced/ upgraded to the Hamlyn – ever the latest thing- that’s HD -Footwear!
Be sure to tell them – MOTORESS sent you!

  1. I am a Harley rider. Have been for 3 years. Had a rice rocket. At 16. Yep I’m a girl. Some of these boots are. No good. Just paying for the name. My construction boots. Work just as well. And I’m a girly girl. So cute boots. Are good. Too

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