Keep Cool During Summer Rides in Tornado Women’s Motorcycle Jacket and Pants by REV’IT!

REV'IT! Women's Tornado Jacket on MOTORESS
Keep Cool During Summer Rides in The Tornado Women’s Motorcycle Jacket and Pants by REV’IT!

With their expanded line for hot weather riding gear – REV’IT! Women’s Tornado Motorcycle Jacket cools so well, you’ll feel bare!  In any climate, comfortable protective riding gear is key. The past few summers, global warming has shown us challenging, varying climates, and soaring temperatures. Sadly, far too many riders are opting to ride without gear as a solution. There’s no need for such an unsafe or extreme solution – motorcycle gear apparel experts REV’IT! continue to give women riders vast options in gear choices!

REV’IT! Tornado Women’s Motorcycle Jacket and Pants Superb Hot Weather Riding

REV’IT! Tornado Women’s Motorcycle Jacket is fitted and designed for women riders. The Tornado jacket (also available in the men’s version) offers superb features and benefits for riding in heated up conditions without compromising safety! It also comes with a detachable 2-in-1 thermal liner & membrane (waterproof on the outside with light insulation on the inside) which makes it more of an all-seasons coat with an emphasis on cool!
By the way, the inside liner is so stylish and is wearable alone – so convenient when off the bike.

The REV’IT! Tornado Women’s Motorcycle Jacket is designed with mesh panels for maximum airflow with ventilation panels at chest, back, tops of shoulders and front arms. Hold it up to the light and you’ll see right through it! Yet you’ll still ride protected as it’s equipped with CE-approved armour in those key areas – shoulders and elbows, with a perforated EVA foam protector in the back. The outer shell has a combination of materials of polyester 600D, PWR shell mesh, Lorica®, neoprene, monaco performance cowhide, and a polyester rib.

REV’IT! Women’s Tornado Jacket

It’s incredibly stylish and fashion-forward. Shown here in silver/taupe tone and black, with red leather accent strips on the top of the arms. The red leather gives an added “see me” colour grabber as it’s positioned at around about eye level for any automobile driver. There are also laminated reflection strips across the chest, and back. Discrete but powerful! The lovely REV’IT! logo is stitched on the bottom back waist of the jacket in red thread – another fine feminine detail.

Pockets are deep and wide which makes it easy to get your hands in and out! The inner jacket pocket is especially large! **Beware of putting too much stuff inside these pockets. Not only does this get uncomfortable but it bulges on the outside of the jacket. Plus remember, this area is for ventilation, to keep you cool. Stuffing the pockets will put a layer between you and your ventilation source.

The under elbows are made up of PWR – SHELL 750D is REV’IT!’s form of Cordura®. It consists of 100% high-performance Polyamide yarns taking on the best properties of Cordura® such as a high melting point, tremendous tear and abrasion resistance, excellent durability.

REV'IT! Women's Tornado Jacket
REV’IT! Tornado Women’s Motorcycle Jacket High End Ventilation

Easy to Clean

Thinking with the rider as REV’IT! does – they’ve used black under the arms which if you enjoy leaning on a table with your jacket on will prevent dirt from showing up! And on the topic of dirt, which has always been the down side to light colours in motorcycling the Tornado comes up clean! Simply wipe down with a damp cloth. It’s machine washable (not too often though) – and cleans up like new!

The Tornado might be classed as more of a tour and daily urban design, yet it looks “euro-chic’ and is as comfortable when leaned over on a sport bike. The fit beautifully compliments a woman rider’s figure while providing incredible comfort.

The red leather accent around the collar is positioned at eye level which gives you an added “see me” attention-getter!

Adjustable Fit

There’s much tailoring to be enjoyed to ensure your own personal fit, thanks to REV’IT!’s Velcro closer tab at cuffs, a flexi-snap at collar, adjustment straps at hips and upper arms – super benefit for women riders. women and motorcycles. There is alMOTORESS REVIT Tornadoso a collar hook which allows you to open the collar to gain extra airflow on a hot day; hooking the collar open and preventing it from flapping against your neck.

There’s a small elastic/stretch ribbing around the sides for fit and accenting the waist so there’s no mistaking, this rider is a woman.


The REV’IT! Tornado is a winner! The ventilation is incredible and works excellently. In fact I can attest, while wearing this during the day in 34 Celsius temperatures (42 with humidity) I was actually chilly – and in the early evening, cold! I regretted bringing the lining.

My recommendation is for the silver/black as pictured here and reviewed as this colour reflected heat most efficiently adding to the cool factor!

The women’s motorcycle jacket is also available in black and in sizes ranging from EU 34 -44.
You’ll pay about $320.00 USD jacket and a bit less for the pants.

ADD THIS: Our MOTORESS ZIPPER PULLS add a terrific accent, makes zipper use easy with your riding glove on and keeps grim away from the material.

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  1. Hi! I have this jacket in a size 38 and was wondering if you buy any chance knew what size CE back protector to purchase for it. I cannot find the specs for the original Tornado Women’s Mesh Jacket anywhere, and I measured the foam and it doesn’t match up with the current Tornado models. If you could help at all that would be great!

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