Rukka Thermo Motorcycle Glove Harros GTX Warmth Plus Grip

Rukka Thermo Motorcycle Glove Harros GTX on
Rukka Thermo Motorcycle Glove

There is no better way for motorcycle riders to get through the cold weather riding days than with the Rukka Thermo Motorcycle Glove – the Harros GTX.  This is a warm Gore-Tex motorcycle glove that’s completely waterproof and creates a pleasant micro climate against your skin. It’s not too bulky and makes for a first-rate feel on your motorcycle hand grips.

Rukka knows exactly what motorcycle gloves for cold days have to not only look like but result in as after all, in Finland, motorcyclists have to live with cold temperatures. The Finnish company Rukka has grown from providing solutions to riders all the way through the temperature transition periods. Rukka knows that riders love to avoid wearing the usual thick, clumsy gloves for a better ride experience.

Thanks to the light-weight but highly effective wadding with temperature regulating Outlast, the Harros GTX thermo glove ensures hands stay warm even in cold air temperatures without impeding the fine touch on motorcycle levers and switches.

Rukka Thermo Motorcycle Gloves Are Made of a Mix of Materials:

  • Elastic textile fabric ensures great fit, top quality leather provides greatest protection.
  • More passive safety is provided by reinforcements at the knuckles.
  • Reflective piping adds improved visibility in the dark.
  • Velcro flaps at the long cuffs make for a secure fit.
Rukka Thermo Motorcycle Glove Harros GTX on
Elastic textile fabric ensures great fit, top quality leather provides best protection

In the rain, a waterproof and breathable Gore-Tex membrane keeps hands dry, and a practical wiper on the left index finger helps keep things in perspective.

The Rukka Harros GTX thermo gloves are available in the sizes 6 through 14 at fine motorcycle gear shops near you; and area available in Black with yellow applications and Grey/Black with orange accents.

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