High Visibility Motorcycle Vests Easy Add On To Being Seen

High Visibility Motorcycle Vests on MOTORESS
High Visibility Motorcycle Vests

Reflective fluro yellow and orange motorcycle gear is showing up these days more than ever before! In Europe it’s common to see riders’ sporting high visibility motorcycle vests and gear. Helmets, jackets and accents. Bright “see me” neon apparel is in and definitely an essential to any motorcycle rider’s wardrobe.

Bright “See Me!” High Visibility Motorcycle Vests Is in Trend

The intention of manufacturers is to better help motorcyclists as more evidence is being produced to the advantages of wearing high visibility colours. Bottom line, riders do much to be seen yet motorists are still not seeing us.

In addition to high visibility motorcycle gear, there are now an excellent array of reflective high visibility motorcycle vests to select from.  The selections and styles have increased and are available today at lower cost as well. Vests allow you to add ‘high visibility’ to your motorcycle wardrobe because they are easily worn over your jacket – no matter the style.

High visibility motorcycle vests are also equipped with more pockets, reinforced zippers, and even more waterproof compartments. These features are a real add-on with their practical use.
Manufacturers such as Harley-Davidson, BMW and others have incorporated the high visibility motorcycle vests and gear into their own rider apparel choice.

It’s a good practice so with that here are our five top choices of high visibility motorcycle vests for women.

Prices range from USD 45.00 – 99.00

 High Visibility Motorcycle Vests for Women
Olympia Women’s – Nova 2 Hi-Vis Safety Vest
Harley-Davidson Women's High Visibility Motorcycle Vests
Harley-Davidson Women’s Hi-Vis Vest
Icon Women's Mil-Spec Corset Vest
Icon Women’s Mil-Spec Corset Vest
Teknic Kicker Textile Vest (unisex)
Teknic Kicker Textile Vest (unisex)


 REVIT! Athos Motorcycle Safety Vest (Unisex)
REVIT! Athos Motorcycle Safety Vest (Unisex)

Other accessories are also available such as halters, belts, straps and more! All designed to provide ‘be seen’ advantages to the motorcyclist!

A Bit of Extra High Vis News

The French government caused a stir with French riders, causing them to feel stigmatized by a new law that will come into force [in France] January 2013. It obliges the users of motorcycles with an engine displacement of 125cc or bigger to wear 150cm² of reflective material. The government promotes the wearing of reflective armbands to meet the new requirement. The fine for non-compliance is set at Euro 68,00 and the loss of 2 points (out of a 12 point license scheme) – this would be comparable to that of a dangerous offense! The FFMC, Frances federation for defending the rights of motorcyclists, is challenging the penalty aspect and with a very good case

 Yet every professional rider knows visibility and colour is integral to being seen – legal or not.




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