Zoe Cano Bonneville Go or Bust Ride Adventure Across America

Zoë Cano Undertook Her Solo Life Ride Adventure - MOTORESS
Zoë Cano Undertook Her Solo Life Ride Adventure

She started on June 12th, 2012 for six weeks, Zoe Cano undertook her solo life adventure and travelled across the American continent on a classic British Triumph Bonneville motorbike chalking up over 8,851 kilometres / 5,500 miles. Zoe Cano Bonneville Go or Bust Ride Adventure was her slogan taking her all the way!

She began her adventure in Boston and followed the roads which took her through all the key and characteristically American attractions. The Blue Ridge and Shenandoah National Parks, Tail of the Dragon, The Grand Ole Opry, the mother Mississippi & Colorado Rivers, Route 66, Bonneville Salt Flats and more. Her finale of completion was the ride down to the Pacific Coast Highway to her finish line in Malibu.

Bonneville Go or Bust Was Her Ride Slogan All the Way!

Zoë’s ride was also for a cause- to raise money and bring awareness to the Amazon Forest. Ten years earlier when she worked in Brazil, she discovered its profound beauty, size and complex biodiversity.  As she discovered more about the Amazon on its rain forest, she decided that every effort and awareness had to be made to save it and its indigenous people, wildlife and fauna. Hearing from her Brazilian friends that hundreds of acres were destroyed daily and areas the sizes of small countries are still being destroyed each year, to Zoe, are just unacceptable.

Enjoy reading more about Zoe’s journey which she documented in her Website and be sure to buy her book “Bonneville Go or Bust“. She writes of her amazing adventures across the American Continent on the “roads less travelled”. But she started with nothing – no time, no money, no bike. She goes all out to make her dream come true but it’s always a question of go or bust if it will ever happen.

To learn more about The Nature Conservancy’s efforts in the Amazon,  Zoe suggests you visit the website.




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