Group of Motorcycle Granny’s Set Guinness Record in The Netherlands

Moto Granny's Set Record on MOTORESS

Fifteen motorcycle granny’s, grandmothers in fact,  pictured here on their own motorcycles in the Netherlands, succeeded in a new Guinness Book of world records. They’ve achieved the record for the most grandmothers in one gathering – on motorcycles.

The motorcycle club YCC (Yamaha Custom Club) Benelux located in Haarlem set off the initiative with full intent to grab the record. The club’s president Frank Jut says it was not an easy task seeking out a group of motorcycle granny riders. However difficult, they succeeded and are very proud that the record will indeed be entered into the famed Guinness Book!

Dutch Yamaha Motorcycle Club Idea

The motorcycle club arrived at the idea because nothing at all stands in the Guinness World Records with reference to motorcycling grandmothers. In order to accumulate the most number of motorcycling granny’s, the club developed a media blitz. This created much hype by way of local news sources and throughout the Dutch motorcycling network. It proved to be a huge success.

The club was very pleased at the response from granny riders throughout the Netherlands making it a record easy to succeed! They were overwhelmed by the support gained via women riders.

The women were required to meet up on Sunday morning the 25th of  May, 2010 in the main market in “centrum” of beautiful Haarlem in order  to set the record.

The club intends to better its record aiming for over a hundred motorcycle grandmothers in the near future. They plan to attract International counts with the club’s sister associations in North America. France, Italy and Czech Republic.

  1. Great Granny’s Record. I’m glad for them and think the USA can beat their record.

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