Lucy’s Solo Motorcycle Ride for Children

Lucy Solo Journey for  Kids
Lucy Solo Journey for Kids

On November 30th British woman motorcycle rider Lucy Grogan will begin her solo motorcycle ride from South West UK, North to Scotland and back covering nearly 2000 miles in 48 hours- all to raise funds for Safe Haven Children’s Trust. Lucy created her ride to bring attention and assistance to orphaned children in Cambodia. She’ll take to her sponsored BMW R1200GS and MOTORESS will be riding along with her. Together we hope to bring awareness to Lucy’s quest helping her reach her goal of GBP 10,000.00 – and yes, we’re counting on your support!

Safe Haven Children’s Trust is a charity Lucy has bonded with by way of her close friend Benedicta Bywater, founder of the charity and of Mlop Children’s Centre, the very centre that Safe Haven created for the children of Cambodia. The demand for childcare in Cambodia is overwhelming. The country’s 40 year history of genocide has ensured over 500,000 children have been orphaned. With the child sex trade booming, many children are left to fend for themselves in ways children really shouldn’t be faced with.  The centre is a place for children to be safe and healthy, to be educated and cared for, without the damaging effects of institutionalisation.

When Lucy obtained her motorcycle license, the feeling of achievement ran deep. With this she wanted to combine her passion for riding and for her concerns for Safe Haven’s Children’s Trust. This is how her 2550 Mile Challenge was born.  When Lucy first wrote to us her ride was intended to happen in America.  She planned to start from Florida and ride to the continents West Coast, California. Unfortunately plans with prospective partners fell through but to honour the commitment she made to supporters and Safe Haven, she’s switched her ride plan bringing the journey in her homeland, England.

We sure see Lucy as a true MOTORESS – passionate about motorcycling – a woman motorcycle rider making a difference. Lucy’s a fairly new rider and this trek will be a different challenge for her including the weather she may come against.  We are inspired by Lucy’s determination and generous spirit through motorcycling to bring assistance to Safe Haven’s Children’s Trust!

Stay tuned with us here and on twitter as we ride along with Lucy and we hope you’ll lend her your support too!

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