Tamela Rich Live Full Throttle Book Review

Tamela Rich Live full Throttle
Tamela Rich Live Full Throttle Book

You’ll smile, you’ll cry, you’ll ponder- when you read Tamela Rich’s  Live Full Throttle  – the book belonging to all hearts challenged with cancer –  or not. Her memoir and photo essay surrounds eight lessons inspired by the soulful people and places she met as a long-distance motorcyclist for breast cancer causes.

Live Full Throttle Is A Great Daily Read

So I read further, Tamela designed her book indeed with eight great lessons taught to her through the women motorcyclists she rode with during her personal journey of over 7,500 miles. Each of these lessons is followed by realistic and easy exercises. The lessons themselves are truly inspiration with a realistic, put into play sensibility  to them.
Personally I couldn’t avoid picking the book up and reading it. You too will likely find that you just can’t get enough of Tamela’s wisdom and its good medicine.

“Live Full Throttle” is fully enjoyed after you’ve completely read through it. It’s an easy read with well presented straight forward text. Joyful on the eyes so to speak. And after fully completing it, it becomes the type of book which can be picked up and opened to any page and leave you with an up and positive mood for the day and moments to follow.

Through the memoirs and exercises a compliment of fabulous photos coincides. And as you gaze into their depicted moments, the images truly make you feel you’re there.  Many images are contributed by Christina Shook known for her tremendous portrayals of motorcycling women; you can’t avoid the “positive visualization” they conjure up.

The book has a special grand finale incorporated in the reason Ms Rich began this motorcycle journey. A message I’ve not seen put in any better way. I truly didn’t expect any more grandeur – the journey the pages took me on was seemingly strong enough I had thought. And to find out what I’m referring to you’ll have to get your copy.

This is definitely is a read you’ll want to share with others and continue to enjoy yourself. It’s beautifully written, designed and presented – and will make a fantastic gift.

Special thanks to Tamela for taking the time to share her lessons and also the wisdom she discovered at the twist of her own –  “full throttle”.

Get the book here at Tamela’s Website.

Reviewed by Vicki Gray


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