Iran’s New Generation Woman Inspiring Through Motocross

Iran’s New Generation Woman Inspiring Through Motocross - MOTORESS
Iran’s New Generation Woman

Taking her motorbike in tow, Baran Hadizadeh drives to the racing track in Hashtgerd, outskirt of Tehran, to take in a few hours of motocross practice. She does this three times a week. At the dusty track she puts her helmet on, turns on her bike and goes out to ride her usual routine. After a mile or so she faces the very first challenge of the track, jumping over a dirt hill. For five years now Hadizadeh has been practicing.  She is among the first generation of female motocross riders and racers in Iran – inspiring many Iranian girls today.

Hadizadeh is 30 years of age and is from Isfahan, southern Iran. Her passion for motocross riding has forced the bar higher for Iranian women. Showing them, pushing them to get involved in the preconceived as a male sport only, motocross racing. Just recently, MAFIRI  the Motorcycle and Automobile Federation of the Islamic Republic of Iran – has allowed Iranian women to attend the standard motocross track at the Azadi Sports Complex in Tehran

It is a major achievement as the issue has been in dispute for years.

Although Hadizadeh doesn’t yet have her credentials from the MAFIRI and given the fact that riding motorcycles on public streets is still illegal for women – she continues to ride off-road.

Iran’s New Generation Woman Inspiring Through Motocross - MOTORESS
Iran’s New Generation Woman Inspiring Through Motocross

 “Dreams don’t come true easy. They take a lot of sweat and perseverance.

The day she came across a motocross bike race on the television, she knew her life has turned a new page. “For a year and a half, without missing a beat, I went to motocross races and competitions to watch men race.”  She saw what she wanted to do. She knew it was a physically demanding sport. So now she’s added visits to the gym three to four days a week to work on muscle groups which will help her riding.

Hadizadeh says breaking a sweat is nothing new to her since she has always had a hand in just about every sport that she could poke her nose in, from playing volleyball in her high school team, to basketball, swimming, karate, serious hiking like climbing Mont Damavand to now, professional motorcycle riding. But she admits none of the sports was as exciting as riding a motorbike. “All my sorrow is left behind once I get on my bike.”

Her next goal is to become an exceptional instructor for Iranian women interested in motocross riding or even racing. Hadizadeh also wishes to become a globetrotter on her motorcycle and explore other countries.

Although Hadizadeh has competed in a few national motocross races for women, she is yet to take part at an international racing event, hopefully, in Iran. As for now, the female rider, who has already competed in few national races, is readying for international competition.

*source newswire Iran



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