More Women Motorcycle Riders Than Ever Says Motorcycle Industry Council Survey

More Women Motorcycle Riders Than Ever on MOTORESS
More Women Motorcycle Riders Than Ever

We are not surprised that female motorcycle ownership is at an all-time high, what with the work we’ve done to expand women’s presence in motorcycling. A survey (2015) done by the American Motorcycle Industry Council (MIC); Motorcycle Owner Survey found that women account for 14 percent of all U.S. motorcycle owners.  This is up from the eight percent reported in 1998. It’s really no surprise, that’s nearly two decades ago.

Ownership by Women Motorcycle Riders Doubled During the Past Decade

The survey covered 9.2 million owners, where more women were recorded than in the past. In fact, the survey noted that the number of women motorcycle owner more than doubled just from between 2003 to 2014. And, among the more than 30 million Americans who swung a leg over a motorcycle and rode at least one time in 2014, a quarter of these riders were women.

More Women Motorcycle Riders Than Ever on MOTORESS
14 Percent of Motorcycle Owners are Women

How Many Women Ride Motorcycles? What percent of motorcycle riders are female?

The American Motorcycle Industry Council’s Motorcycle Owner Survey shows female riders account for 14 percent of the riding population, a 50 percent increase over the last 10 years. And women are big influences when it comes to motorcycle or motorsport purchases as nearly 25 percent of people who swing a leg over a motorcycle are female, including passengers.

The More Than 30 Million Americans Who Swung a Leg Over a Motorcycle And Rode At Least One Time in 2014, a Quarter of These Were Women.

Among younger generations of owners, the percentage of women is even higher. Slightly more than 17 percent of Gen X owners, and 17.6 percent of Gen Y owners, are women. Among Boomer owners, women make up 9 percent.

The Motorcycle Owner Survey also revealed what type of motorcycles women prefer:

  • Cruisers: 34 percent of female riders.
  • Scooters: 33 percent
  • Sport bikes: 10 percent.

In the survey, of some 48,000 American households, women were also asked to share their top three reasons for riding motorcycles.

They answered:

  1. Fun and recreation.
  2. Sense of freedom.
  3. Enjoy outdoors and or nature.

When it comes to purchasing a motorcycle, women rate “Fuel Economy” and “Test Rides” as the most important decision-making factors.

The study revealed that female riders are safety-conscious. While 60 percent of women took a motorcycle safety course, only 42 percent of men had any formal training. In some state motorcycle safety training programs, women make up 30 percent of the student population.

Australian Women Motorcycle Riders Doubled in Last Decade

The number of female riders has doubled from 2003 to 2015 in the United States, while in Australia where such official figures are not kept, there has also been a significant increase.

In 1998, it was 8%, in 2003, it was 10%, and since then the numbers have doubled from 600,000 to 1.2 million.

Australian Women Motorcycle Riders Vary Substantially from Six  Percent to Ten Percent

Motorcycle Council of NSW chair CJ Burns believes it is about 6%, but says there has been “exponential growth” in female registrations.“ Probably double what they were 10 years ago,” he says. The growth in regos in NSW and Australia has many causes; more leisure time, cheaper to holiday in Australia on a bike than go overseas, commuting in particular on scooters has been the biggest winner and scooters are non-threatening which gets female riders hooked and then they opt for something larger with better brakes and suspension, a natural progression.”

Other key US Industry Survey Results on Increase of Women Riders:

  • The median age for female motorcyclists is 39 versus 48 for males.
  • More than 49 percent of women motorcyclists do their own maintenance or have a friend or relative do it, instead of taking their bikes to a shop.
  • New motorcycles are preferred over used by 57 percent of female riders.
  • 49 percent of female motorcyclists are married.
  • 47 percent of female motorcyclists have a college or post-graduate degree.

More about the US MIC: The American Motorcycle Industry Council exists to preserve, protect and promote motorcycling through government relations, communications and media relations, statistics and research, aftermarket programs, development of data communications standards, and activities surrounding technical and regulatory issues. As a not-for-profit, national industry association, the MIC seeks to support motorcyclists by representing manufacturers, distributors, dealers and retailers of motorcycles, scooters, ATVs, ROVs, motorcycle/ATV/ROV parts, accessories and related goods and services, and members of allied trades such as insurance, finance and investment companies, media companies and consultants.



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