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Here are some great and simple yoga moves to combat motorcycle ride stiffness. These stretches are especially selected for women motorcycle riders, and particularly useful after a long day’s motorcycle or scooter tour. They’ll help you combat motorcycle ride stiffness and sleep well after a long day’s ride!

Four Exercises to Combat Motorcycle Ride Stiffness - MOTORESS

Four Exercises to Combat Motorcycle Ride Stiffness

Along with the satisfaction and excitement experienced from a long day’s ride- it’s normal to feel tired and often, stiff from sitting within limited sit positions all day. Yes you can blame your stiffness to the bumpy road and the hours spent riding in nearly just one position. These aches can distract you and often make it difficult to get a good night’s sleep.

Dodge The Day-After Ride Stiffness

With this choice of easy to do yoga moves, you’ll not only be feel relaxed and ready for a good night’s sleep but you’ll dodge the “day after” muscle stiffness and feel revived in the morning for another day of full on riding experience.

These yoga moves can be done anywhere  –  if you’re camping, staying in a bed and breakfast, hotel or lodging at a friend’s. They’ve been especially chosen for the motorcyclist after a day’s ride and expressly to help you relax for a good night’s rest to feel ready and revived when morning comes.

And these stretches are known for slowing your heart rate and can even help in reducing blood pressure.

Combat Motorcycle Ride Stiffness on MOTORESS

Legs Up A Wall

Combat Motorcycle Ride Stiffness - MOTORESS

Reclining Bound Angle

Combat Motorcycle Ride Stiffness - on MOTORESS

Wide-Leg Seated Forward Bend

Combat Motorcycle Ride Stiffness - MOTORESS

Supported Child’s Pose

In a regular yoga class you might hold some of these moves for up to a minute, but with this sequence the extra timing is to ensure those motorcycling muscles and tendons get a good stretch.

Use the timer in your smartphone to time your poses.

*Note: To avoid feeling light-headed, ease yourself out of the poses slowly.
And of course don’t do these if you have any doubt they’ll affect your health/be beyond your physical abilities; see your medical physician.


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