Bliss Glamour Gloves Apres Ride Treatment for Woman Rider Hands

Bliss Gloves on MOTORESSMotorcycle operation and our gloves are rough on our hands. Our hands are dealing with some heavy duty stuff – adjusting your drive-chain, checking tire pressure and tieing on cargo. Though riding, our hands are protected with gloves, these materials alone can be tough on our skin. Bliss Glamour Gloves for women riders treat the stress our hands endure from the constant putting on and removing of our motorcycle gloves. That stiff glove material chaffing against our skin can be damaging and ageing to our hands – hello Bliss Glamour Gloves.

As an added bonus, Bliss Glamour Gloves will aid in helping diminish the signs of ageing that often result to exposure to sun, wind and dust. The tough stuff our hands go through when we’re off bike enjoying an outdoor road side stop.

Bliss’s Glamour Gloves have a special polymer-gel lining that force feeds dry skin with essential softening agents; grape seed oil, jojoba oil, olive oil, and vitamin E. Just 20 minute treatments and you’ll enjoy super-soft, supple, youthful results. Depending on the style/size of your motorcycle gloves, you may even be able to wear these 100% nylon protective underneath, inside your riding gloves. Imagine, conditioning and soothing your hands while you ride! (Safety first- Don’t do this if your safe operation of the motorcycle controls and levers is compromised!)

How to Use

To keep your gloves clean and fresh, simply turn them inside out after each use, wipe them down with a cold wet sponge, lay them flat to dry, and dust a little bit of baby powder or corn starch on them to eliminate sticking.

If properly cared for, your Glamour Gloves should last through 50 uses before they require replacement.

Suggested retail USD52.00

Additionally,Bliss Glamour Gloves form a healing and hydrating occlusive barrier on especially dry skin, providing intensive soothing and moisturising effects.


•Hydrates hands with a self-activating gel lining
•Immediately softens hands and lasts for up to 50 uses
•Softens, smoothes, and de-lines hands with olive oil, grapeseed oil, and vitamin E

Try out their Bliss High Intensity Hand cream as well- a great double whammy of care for your hands.
Visit “Bliss World” to get yours!

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