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Coco Chanel Keira Knightley Motorcycle Advert - MOTORESS
Coco Chanel Keira Knightley

Between women riders, recent Coco Chanel Motorcycle Perfume commercial has made its rounds via the Internet and Facebook of recent. We relate. It features a “Chanel Superwoman” according to its star Keira Knightley (Pirates of the Caribbean; Pride and Prejudice). Keira rides a Ducati motorcycle and meets the guy, loves him, and leaves him within the advertisements storyline. Indeed an empowering lifestyle for any woman.

Coco Chanel Motorcycle Cat Suit Custom Designed by Karl Lagerfeld

The film directed by Joe Wright, who has directed Knightley in a number of films, together with the last Coco Mademoiselle commercial three years ago. In this “filmercial” she is clad in a beige cat suit custom designed by Karl Lagerfeld, together with knee-high boots and matching “Ruby” helmet (in Paris!) as she hops aboard a motorbike.

Coco Chanel Motorcycle Advert on Motoress
Coco Chanel Motorcycle Woman Rider Filmercial

The story follows our leading lady. She awakes during a warm Paris morning and adorns herself with a few drops of Coco Mademoiselle. After speeding through the Place de la Concorde on the Ducati which seems to convert to something else (see addition of radiator and a body appearing male), she meets with a photographer.  The male photographer who, in a case of life mirroring art, will be shooting her for the latest Coco Mademoiselle campaign.

Coco Chanel’s fantasy film advert of “independence and escapism” is REALITY for those of us who really do ride.

Coco Chanel Motorcycle Advert on Motoress
Coco Chanel Keira Knightley Filmercial

As the shoot commences, the film subtly explores the relationship between artist and muse Keira. The scenes show the main ideas of independence and escapism that the fragrance – with its fresh jasmine-rose accord, aims to encapsulate.

Using this retro looking Ducati, and the style of her suit/helmet depicts a very vintage portrayal. Women riders relate – we’ve been escaping and forging our independence forward since the motorbike’s invention.

Coco Chanel Motorcycle Advert on Motoress

We suppose the “faux pas” is, that Keira is not a rider but is staged as a rider via technique (see below). And note, the change in the stunt bike all of a sudden there’s a radiator and a rider who appears with a manly face.

Well, at least it’s a classic sophisticated depiction of the amazing independence enjoyed by today’s modern motorcycling woman!

Enjoy the complete Coco Chanel film below

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  1. It’s still a positive for women riders… It’s just a shame they couldn’t have used a real woman rider. Quite a few ‘celebrities’ do ride bikes, or there’s Isle of Man TT riders Maria Costello, and Jenny Tinmouth.

    Check out bike riding ‘Lena Fox’ and her friends in the short story prequel to the ‘Lena’s Friends’ series of novels (
    Yes, they are written by a mere man… Me… but I hope I’m sympathetic. – Content warning: Lena is a high end ‘escort’, so there are adult themes in both the prequels and the novels.

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