Hide Your Tattoo with These Concealers

Maybe for those of you in living in the inked style of life, there may be a time when you’ll want to hide your special tattoo art. A gala event or a wedding when your dress just doesn’t look as ‘très chic’ with that tattoo interrupting your “Haute Coiffure” look. Well don’t fret the following three make up concealers are especially designed to hide your tattoo, or any skin imperfection.

How to Hide Your Tattoo on MOTORESS
How to Hide Your Tattoo

Yes, we really love our tattoos and as tattoos have become more and more acceptable (even Starbucks allows their employees to have them now!), there may be occasions where you want to hide your tattoo.

Tattoo Concealer

  1. Kat Von D Lock-It Tattoo Concealer 

Who better to create makeup to cover up tattoos than famously inked tattoo artist Kat Von D? She has an entire tattoo coverage procedure crafted using three of her products.

First, her Tattoo Eraser pencil ($14.00;sephora.com), then her Lock-It Tattoo Concealer ), all set with the Lock-It Powder Foundation .

  1. Amazing Cosmetics Amazing ConcealerHide Your Tattoo - MOTORESS

Amazing Concealer is a full coverage, water-proof concealer that makes all skin imperfections disappear.

Function: Amazing Concealer has a complexion-perfection, highly pigmented formula that gives a natural-looking finish and full coverage for everything from dark circles to blemishes.



  1. Dermablend Cover CremeHide Tattoo Dermablend on MOTORESS

Dermablend  products are specifically created for their ability to cover SERIOUS skin imperfections. That means scars, acne, rosacea, bruising and tattoos. Their Cover Creme  easily covers up all colours of tattoos and it takes very little product to make your art disappear.

Each product above delivers a heavy-duty, highly pigmented, multitasking concealing. We underline multi-tasking because our team of testers discovered it was equally great for every day skin perfections—dark spots or acne.


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