How to Create a Flipped Ponytail for Fabulous Helmet Hair Style

The “flipped ponytail” is simple to do and fun to wear – no matter how messy your pony gets.

Helmet Hairdo on Motoress
Flipped Ponytail for Helmet Hairdo

As a woman motorcycle rider, we’re fighting an ongoing battle trying to keep our hair, especially longer hair, in any type of style after a ride on the bike. Having to wear our motorcycle helmet has us forever battling “helmet hair”. We spend a lot of time looking for or testing out ways to wear our hair in order to still look good after a ride spent sometimes an entire day under a helmet. And longer hair really needs to be tied back in order to avoid tangles and breakage. Let’s not forget too the damage wind and sun can do to our lovely locks!

The “flipped ponytail” is simple to do and fun to wear – no matter how messy your pony gets. This quick little flip brings style to any rider’s pony!

Follow the steps and wear your own flipped pony! Here’s how to do it. Helmet Hairdo on Motoress

Step 1:   Sweep all of your hair into a low ponytail at the back of your head or off to the side as in our picture. Secure your pony with a clear elastic. Leave bangs loose if you have them, or sweep them back with the rest of your tresses. You can spray your hair gently with a light-hold hair spray, but not too much as hair spray is hard on hair under a helmet.

Step 2:  Separate your hair in the middle above the elastic where your hair is bound.

Step 3: Hold your ponytail up and with your left thumb, tuck your hair over, under and through the parted area you just created.

Step 4:  Pull your hair under, down, and completely through.

Step 5:  Tug gently down on the hair to make sure it’s all come through the flip

Step 6: Then give it a gentle pull to the left and right simultaneously – just under your elastic to tighten up the hold.

Voila it’s flipped and you look refreshed, and oh so moto-chic!

Have fun.

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