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Far too often we are unaware of the sun and wind damage occurring to the neck area while riding, probably because we’re too taken in by the thrill of motorcycling! However, the neck is one of the most neglected areas of our skin and one that most women become acutely aware of by the time they turn forty- and then the damage has been done. A good Neck Firming Cream  outside of ensuring we ride with a high collar motorcycle jacket and a full face helmet-  there are numerous chances for the UV rays and wind to have their chance to cause damage.

Many instances of moving the head, turning during traffic checks and the abrasive abuse the neck skin undergoes during these movements all add up to neck skin damage. This is greatly magnified during a long distance tour ride!

Special Attention Against Elements

Special attention to the care of your neck should be similar to your protection for your face and hands. You know the saying, you can always tell a woman’s age by the condition of her neck. As a motorcyclist you are constantly exposing your neck to the elements, more than the non-riding woman. You’re riding against pollution, UVA /B rays, rain, and other harsh conditions affect the skin on neck. Additionally moisture is robbed from the skin of your neck from constant attack of wind.

Discovery Neck Firming

We’ve discovered Bliss’s Thinny Thin Chin Neck Firming Cream can help combat damage but also work as a terrific preventative (this doesn’t replace your sunscreen) and here’s why we love it:

  • Dual-action tightener protects skin against free radical damage and supports collagen maintenance while providing a tightening effect
  • Resilience enhancer helps protects collagen and elastin from breakdown to improve the elasticity, suppleness and smoothness of skin
  • Multi-action skin renewing complex helps smooth, hydrate, firm, improve skin clarity and brightness, and gently exfoliate
  • Immediately improves appearance of crepe-y neck, chin, and even decollete

Further more clinical studies regarding this product show:

68.2% of testers reported a reduction in sagginess of neck and décolleté areas
76.2% of testers felt that skin on the neck area was toned and supple
63.6% of testers reported a decrease in the appearance of wrinkles in the neck area

*Results reported from an independent clinical study conducted over a 6 week period

Additional Neck Saving Tips for Women Riders

  • Wear a bandanna or scarf around your neck to protect from the elements. Be sure this is a soft material that will be gentle on the skin. The bandanna around the neck is an old-school biker look that remains popular today. Fold the bandanna in half at the corners to create a triangle, then folding it from the long end in two
  • Wear a turtle neck or a polo type shirt where you can raise the collar before you put on your motorcycle jacket.
  • Always moisturise and apply sun protection before the ride. Even if there’s no sun, the wind will cause damage if skin exposed and sunscreens will assist here also. Skin dehydration, or even excessively moist skin, excessive exposure to the sun or any kind of harsh light will age your skin.
  • Regularly apply moisturiser, sunscreen lotion and skin care creams to the neck to protect the skin from harsh conditions.
  • Drink plenty of water and fresh fruit juices to nourish the skin.
  • Eat only fresh food and avoid eating processed foodstuffs aim for antioxidants such as strawberries instead of that doughnut on your roadside stop.
  • Tone neck muscles while riding, keeping your neck strong. Simply put your face forward when on the highway into the wind to force resistance in your neck muscles. Also turn your head slightly to the left (while looking at the road ahead) or to your right without moving your shoulders, letting the wind pressure created a resistance you will need to muscle against. These simple exercises help in tightening of the neck skin.
  • Poor posture is known to aggravate the pouching under the chin, along the jaw line, this gives another reason to keep good posture on your motorcycle. If applicable to the motorcycle you ride, keep your shoulders back and your chin up – look ahead is the practice of any professional rider!

Looking on the bright side, your helmets’ chin strap does a great job of creating a lift of the skin under your neck which may assist in preventing chin sag!

Purchase Bliss’s Thinny Chin Chin for around USD 48.00.00

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