Motorcycle Rider Self Massage Moves for Neck and Shoulder Pain

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Motorcycle riders love to have their faces in the wind and those enjoying a full day ride literally face hours of constant buffeting against a helmet weighted head. Even those with windscreens or large wind shields can feel the winds pushing pressure against their back. This can cause neck and back pain at the end of most long riding or even short riding days.  It’s common to feel pain across the shoulder area as well. It’s not easy to find professional treatment but you can reap the benefits of a massage and relieve everyday aches and tension on your own with these self massage moves.

Massage assistance equipment is nice but really all you need are your own hands to help release the pain in your neck, shoulders and even back. Just remember though, never to put direct pressure on your spine.

Try these three self massage techniques to beat neck and shoulder pain.

Soothe Rider Neck MOTORESS

Soothe Back of Neck Pain

Soothe: Back of the neck pain

Take two or three t-shirts or hotel towels and twist into a thick braid-like shape. Stretch these and place them behind your neck, holding one end in each hand. Slowly rub the twisted band up and down your neck to release tension.

Soothe: Side of the neck pain

Soothe Rider Neck MOTORESS

Soothe Side of Neck Pain

Grasp the back of your neck with one hand placing the heel of your hand into the space just behind your ear at the base of your skull and your fingers wrapped around the opposite side of your neck. Squeeze, applying pressure with the heel of your hand only (using fingers just for leverage). Work your way down your neck to where it meets your shoulder. Repeat several times. End with some gentle neck stretches, tilting and rotating your head from side to side.

Soothe: Shoulder pain

Soothe Rider Neck MOTORESS

Soothe Shoulder Pain

Hook the fingers of your left hand over your left shoulder. Your upper trapezium muscle will be beneath the palm of your hand. Give it several good squeezes. You can also roll or rake your fingers over the muscle, working from the outside in towards the base of your neck. Repeat on the right shoulder with the right hand.

Sleep well and ride revived tomorrow!







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